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Inner Transformation & Guidance for Upgrades in Leadership Performance

Mind-Body-Soul Connection for high performance leadership in The Age of Technology. 

Get out of the head and into the core power of leadership. 

RX will Rewire. Reconnect. Reprogram. Activate. Motivate.

Why is it important to upgrade as high performance leaders?

#1 Stress disconnects from productivity.

#2 Anxiety blocks high performance.

#3 Stress and Anxiety blocks sustainable business growth.

The Age of Technology has put demands on the soul purpose of leadership. High performance upgrades are necessary to keep up with the changing times. 

Mind-Body is the fast forward to repair and can immediately release old patterns to increase Performance Success.

Choose from Intuitive Soul Readings, Consulting, Retreats and Group Training where you will counteract high performance mental and emotional stresses with custom designed programs to set you free and get you back on track immediately.

These sessions will help you repair the speed and efficiency of business, so you can get ahead!

The Mind Body Connection

Build Business With Mind-Body Connection


Your High Performance has a soul purpose, there are powerful reasons for your drive and ambition to succeed. Many times the clarity and purpose of performance can be lost in transition, daily stress, and speed of business.  

Business RX builds mind-body solutions for evolving business leadership to become more consciously streamlined and efficient. We are a high powered transformation program for leadership.  Each transformational tool provides new power for success, from the inside out!

Our Mind-Body strategy: Tune in, connect, focus, channel energy, remove blocks and EXCEL.  Each step builds momentum and deeper core power.

In the initial guidance session, Dr. Pam meets with you OR your selected team, and listens very closely to where you are today and what you want. She works with you, consulting you to make immediate changes  to repair and reconnect. 

Start with a Vision Reading a specialized and comprehensive intuitive guidance session for unlocking new information about your soul purpose and power. 

Leadership Testimonials

Alicia, Actor & Therapist


Coast to Coast, Pam is the best listener.  She has helped me channel my success in amazing ways. 

Jakub, Comedian & Actor


Pam's insights are clear and direct, her leadership coaching has guided me to gain renewed confidence to follow my authentic path. She is a guru. 

Marie, Spiritual Leader


Pam helped me discover that I AM a leader.  And I do have business power. Her work with The Female Form of Leadership helped me accept that women can lead.