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I help you make business advancements that create positive impact.

When you are clear, have a mission/purpose, know your vision and follow a strategy you can make amazing shift happen. 

I help leaders in small and large business build confidence in constructing new forms of reflective leadership to keep up with shift in business landscape. 

Vision Pro Consulting can become a valuable asset to your business and give you speed & agility, strength & endurance for the ever changing market.  

I help you see the conscious shift you need to make and guide you to communicate your mission and plan clearly. 

Let's do this!

-Dr. P

Conscious Change

Work with dr. Pam

Vision Pro Consulting

When you want guidance and direction for purpose driven profit within your business, including female empowerment and bridging the gap between men and women.  Consulting can help you gain access to new business strategy.

Vision Sessions

When you want to dive into your leadership message, mission, vision and leadership. Vision sessions help you clear your path to success, transition to your next level of performance and advance leadership.

HER Coach

Coaching that focuses on women and executive advancement.  Dr. Pam is the founder of the female form of leadership and will help you engage with your own authentic style.  HER Healing is also for repairing the damage that may occur on your rise to the top.


Dr. Pam speaks to small and large audiences about evolving leadership. Pam's speaking is dynamic and motivational asking you to shift belief systems to get unstuck. Pam facilitates transformation as she speaks and guides your participants on a deeper journey to connect to authentic truth.


In the wake of the #metoo and #timesup movement there is need for conversation and healing around women, leadership, narcissism, sexual abuse and abuse of power.  Pam's circle is a space for real conversations to happen on the job.  Bring Pam in for a real and authentic conversation. 


Dr. Pam works with highly motivated leaders who have hit the wall and need support for healing. Her focus is on integrative health so you can return to health, recover from injury/stress and  gain new energy.  Dr. Pam specializes in energy medicine, seeing and removing blocks that hold you stuck.

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