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Motivational Keynote Speaker & Leadership Trainer


In Leadership.

The accelerated shift in business landscape requires a new form of leader.

It is imperative you reinvent leadership to keep up or get ahead of changing times.


You can experience the real and authentic value in Pam's message live. 

Learn to REINVENT your Leadership:

Overcome Adversity with  Positive Mindset.

Break Through Challenges with a Higher Perspective.

Motivate Change in Leadership with Authenticity and Intuition.

Dr. Pam speaks and inspires leaders to overcome the adversity of changing times by applying new tools for transformation. Her message builds up and inspires change in leadership through 

Positive People Technology. 

The solution INNER WORK to Create OUTER RESULTS.

Want more?

The Intuitive Expo to explore the possibility of Positive Life Change. 

 INSPIRE Leadership Conference 

Activating Higher Performance 

The #1 place to uplift and motivate leadership with Transformation Speakers, Break Out Workshops and Vendors.

Syracuse, NY

Nov 3, 2019, 10am-5pm 

Tickets available soon.

Pam's Events PLUS Intuitive Expo May 5th

Building The Self-Reflective leader for High performance

make Your Mark Leadership Testimonials

Alicia, Actor & Therapist


Coast to Coast, Pam is the best listener.  She has helped me channel my success in amazing ways. 

Jakub, Comedian & Actor


Pam's insights are clear and direct, her leadership coaching has guided me to gain renewed confidence to follow my authentic path. She is a guru. 

Marie, Spiritual Leader


Pam helped me discover that I AM a leader.  I AM a leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator.