There is a new form of leadership emerging.
In a business climate that has become increasingly out of balance, I speak to leaders about how to tap into their innate power to change.  
Leadership is an inside job, not an outside force.
Join me, positive transformation leadership for your success!
-Dr. Pam


Women & Leadership

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Syracuse, NY 

Sunday, Nov 3, 2019 10am-5pm

We are Leaders of the modern-age who have creative ideas and this is your space to ignite into action.  At our Conference, we invite you into community to take ACTION on your dreams and desires. MORE CONFERENCE INFO


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For the Love of Business. Through story, passion, and connection we celebrate each other and uplift you to your fullest potential.  Reach Higher Happy Hour, Coffee Collaboration and Envision Mastermind, designed to help you access the success you desire in business. 


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Inspire continues with a LIVE summit for inspiring you to reach higher, ignite passion, and create your ideas into immediate action.  Dr. Pam Speaks with an amazing line-up of collaborators who will take you through a day of Positive Leadership Transformation.

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There are so many ways to AMP your positivity in this busy world.  Join Dr. Pam on You Tube for more!

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