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  • Intuition Is the Wave of Change

    Why is intuition so important?  

    Intuition is the gateway to immediate positive change.

    Intuition provides a shift vital to our world, forcing us to slow

    down and to look at ourselves purposefully. Listen to what matters, really listen deeply. 

    When we allow intuition to come into play, it doesn’t even know our self-limiting beliefs. 

    It is a totally different navigational system that has no idea

    that our intellectual and analytical brain has created any self-limiting beliefs.  

    Your intuition wants to connect to is your authentic purpose. and your higher self.  

    It connects you to the universe and has your greater interests at heart.

    Intuition is incredible and freeing, actually.

    Let's create an Intuitive World!

    Dr. Pam Denton has earned the trust of many people, who had limited solutions to life's challenges until they experienced spiritual and intuitive guidance. Her work has influenced incredible positive change and includes musicians, actors, business owners, women leaders, millionaires, families, children and animals. She is a positive influence in many people’s lives and a conduit for positive chang


    From Dr. Pam Denton

    Join Dr. Pam in NYC Channeling Spirit

    Live Event May 30, 2018


    Dr. Pam will speak to you from the higher source power and channel information that can change your life and abundance. Spirit has messages that will be shared through Pam to you and her channeled guidance will help you eliminate blocks and obstacles so you can step into the flow.

    Bring your life, health and money questions. Dr. Pam will help you receive answers to your questions. 

    This is real practical information that will come through the spiritual and intuitive-psychic pathway to help you step forward and manifest what you want in life.

    Pam helps you move forward in your life and career with powerful intuition. Her open clairvoyance and clairaudience is powerful receiver for life-altering information.

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    It's time for you to learn how to open up, allow and receive information from your higher self power. This information is more readily accessible in community connection.  The power of a group channeling session will help you open up and receive information from your guides. 

    What Clients Are Saying

    Alicia Racine, Actor

    Pam Denton is out of this world. She is undeniable and the best listener coast to coast. Beyond that, Pam has talents. She speaks to what she calls “spirit” which feels like a deeper part of myself and my spiritual guides all wrapped into a warm blanket. She dedicates herself to get the answers I need and together we clear up my pesky blind spots.  

    Jakub Haczkiewicz, Actor

    Pam is a guidance guru, her insights and wisdom drive me to achieve greatness in my acting career and reach higher.  My regular sessions with Pam bring me focus, action, power and persistence.  Each session is an anchor in the path of life, keeping me on track with my higher purp

    Marie Denny, Medium and Coach

    With Pam's guidance and medium channeling I now realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. I have found my power, activated my inner leader and taken steps to advance my career.  Pam sees where I need to go and tells it to me in a way that gently pushes my edge. 

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