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It is here. Communities are changing.  Consciousness is lifting. 

Business is feeling the Shift. 

People want shift and are done with negativity.

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Dr. Pam Denton is a motivational speaker for advancing consciousness.  

Her message, we need to break through the walls of stuck and uncover our 

true authentic self to make change a reality.

Pam's main tool for transformation?




The answers are inside of you they are not outside of you. 

And you have direct access to answers to your life and business every moment. 

You could sit down right now and take a deep breath and access your amazing power 

to channel change in your life merely by activating your intuition 

But wait! There is more......

Intuition is key for building wealth and health. 

As you begin to break through the blocks and access intuitive leadership, you are creating Abundance Consciousness.   

The reason Intuition works so well as a way to access positive life change is because it is a direct pipeline to prosperity and natural flow. 

It is manifestation in motion and always has you tuned in to the universal forces of abundance, aka opportunity.

Intuition is speaks directly to the part of us that’s creative and motivated to achieve.  

This means NO MORE stuck!  

I am a Change Maker

How Can you Work with Me?

As chief motivational officer, I drive big community ideas to evolve and grow.  You can hire me to speak, train, and facilitate change in your business.  My topics include Women and Leadership, Intuitive Branding, Money Manifestation and Leadership Evolution. My main drive is to guide you to tune in and tap into change, so you can stop resisting and get movin!

Dr. Pam NYC: Intuitive Channeling Circle

June 22, 2018

Do you wonder what it feels like to be given specific INTUITIVE information that moves you forward on your path of life with clear guidance, the type of guidance you do not question, fear or doubt?

There is a level of spiritual receptivity that moves you, it pushes you, it informs you and it heals you. This receptivity is what I call positive flow and comes through connecting to your higher self intuition. In order to receive this information from what I call higher self guidance aka “spirit” you have to open your channel and re-connect. 

Intuitive Channeling is designed for you to experience CONSCIOUS channeling, the art of spiritual receptivity and empowered guidance. And in the safety of community circle you will learn to trust your own intuition.

Join Dr. Pam who will lead you through intuitive exercises and conscious channeling learn how to open up and receive intuitive connection. During our session together we will do basic opening exercises to reconnect you to the higher self communication with Higher Self information. 

Tools include:

Guided Meditation


Guidance Cards 

Breathing Exercises

Energetic Release Exercises


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Pam will teach you to eliminate your expectations and prejudgments. We will work on releasing the ego that attaches to needing the “the right answer” and work with what “shows up”. And you will have a chance to channel information as well as receive from Pam where permission is granted. 

Spirit always knows what is best for you. Pam will share her story of how she has been guided since a young child to connect with intuition and follow higher communication for life purpose. Pam has learned to work with spirit and work through pain and hardship to get to the great opportunity of spirit providing answers and solutions. 

The Angel Circle

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From Dr. Pam Denton

What Clients Are Saying

Alicia Racine, Actor

Pam Denton is out of this world. She is undeniable and the best listener coast to coast. Beyond that, Pam has talents. She speaks to what she calls “spirit” which feels like a deeper part of myself and my spiritual guides all wrapped into a warm blanket. She dedicates herself to get the answers I need and together we clear up my pesky blind spots.  

Jakub Haczkiewicz, Actor

Pam is a guidance guru, her insights and wisdom drive me to achieve greatness in my acting career and reach higher.  My regular sessions with Pam bring me focus, action, power and persistence.  Each session is an anchor in the path of life, keeping me on track with my higher purp

Marie Denny, Medium and Coach

With Pam's guidance and medium channeling I now realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. I have found my power, activated my inner leader and taken steps to advance my career.  Pam sees where I need to go and tells it to me in a way that gently pushes my edge. 

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