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When you know your business needs to transform.

You are ready to reach higher and change.

You are a change-maker, executive & business leader looking for authentic solutions to modern day pressures and challenges in business.


You know something is off or missing. 

You have made it to amazing success in your business, but something is still missing.   Struggle is evident in your business.  There are walls within your team and business that keep people isolated and alone, not trusting each other. 

People are in fear, despite titles, credentials and positions.

You are done ignoring it!  

You know there needs to be more.

More connection

More authenticity

More listening


Now what?

I am glad you made it here... stay with me. This is a big issue.

Many people are involved.

Business is ready for transformation.

I am on a mission to inspire heart centered business into mainstream.

Help people find the love and joy in business through connection.

The connection process drives sales and growth.


People want to FEEL your authentic business.

They want to know YOU in an instant.

They want to connect to your authentic success.

The people who want to shop, become a client or use your services are connected to you through ONE thing, 


Yes! Bring positive emotion back into business.  It starts with you.


When you get real with modern day issues you will

Attract top talent, break through to extraordinary leadership teams, and sell from the heart of success.

Join us at Inspire Leadership Conference with your team November 3, 2019 and learn how you can engage in modern day business upgrades.

Make this your amazing day!

Dr. Pam D.


Online and in Person Dr. Pam will INSPIRE you to lead business in new ways. 

Connect with your mission, message & market your self clearly.


For the Love of Business Network

Connection Powered By Passion

Join us in NYC-Happy Hour Connection, Sept 8, 2019 5pm  

NYC Master-Mind & Network Sept 10, 2019  

 Clayton, NY Aug 28th

 Happy Hour Network.  

We help you move out into the business world with authentic and real passion that builds collaborative connections. Join as a spotlight speaker and have your business featured.


New Leadership for Modern Times

Conference TICKETS! 

Syracuse, NY  Nov 3, 2019 

Dr. Pam takes the stage with expert transformational speakers, expanding your mind to open to modern age leadership. Release fear and control and step into the power of connection and positive communication. Break through the walls of outdated business techniques. 

Whether you are HR looking to attract top talent, sales teams looking for advancing success with power, or a small business leader looking for immediate shift into abundance this is YOUR event.  

A power packed event with transformational speaking, break out sessions, transformation station vendors, collaboration, business development and more. Join us and make the shift.



Women & Business Leadership

Unstoppable Women Unite

"From Trauma to Triumph"

 Big shift is happening for women in business.
Our voice must be heard, valued and accepted as leaders.
We are on the rise and our awareness is heightened.

Join Dr. Pam, Expert in HER Leadership & Business Success for a power packed, live speaking Summit.
From Trauma to Triumph, Dr. Pam shares the stage with business leaders who have moved beyond her trauma, challenges, and masculine paradigm to lead authentically for the advancement of women.

Syracuse, NY Sept 28, 2019, 2-5pm  Unstoppable Women Unite "Trauma to Triump"

NYC- Dec 2019 Unstoppable Women Unite

Inspire Leadership Conference

Interview with Sheila Applegate, Inspirational Speaker

For The Love of Business Podcast with Davonna, Athleta

I had the most amazing opportunity to interview Davonna Medina who is not only one of my clients, writing her book into a powerful platform for change, but also an amazing leader for Athleta.  We talk about how to be real for business progress. Want to know what it means to be in the heart of business success? Here it is!

Interview with Katie Flaherty, Founder of Shine With Courage

The heart center means embracing feminine energy within the masculine paradigm. In order to be in balance, we have to address the masculine and feminine balance. This is a great interview with a woman who has shifted from Trauma to Triumph in her life and business.  

Caitlyn Bom- Bomshell Boudoir and Glamour Photography

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