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PRE-LAUNCH! A book for women and men that will help you find your breath, your freedom, your confidence, & your power. How? With examples, spiritual insight, intuitive creativity, and space for you to put your thoughts, this book shows you how to move past your ‘stuck’ and achieve a life you have only imagined for yourself.   

The clarity Program


Pam's coaching and spiritual guidance system for actors and performers places you in alignment with your destiny and brands you from the inside out.  Pam helps you download your vision, clear your path to success and protect your fame.

Spiritual Leaders

Dr. Pam Channels Spirit for your success.  Pam provides intuitive transformation programs to remove the obstacles that are in your way and step into attractive business power. Her open channel can shed light on your potential and possibility in business. 


Intuitive Business Coaching 

Join Pam's Clarity Program. Pam can see things clearly, beyond your blocks and obstacles, straight into the implementation of your vision.  You will manifest your big vision with Pam's direct and honest guidance system.

Message from Spirit

"Own Your True Potential"

You have super star power. We know you were put here on this earth to make amazing things happen. And you are put here to SHINE. When you expand you grow. When you grow you allow opportunity. When you open to possibility great things can happen with you and for you.  Are you ready to expand consciousness?  Live outside the box?

EVENTS and Trainings

You are Energy

Energy medicine, energy healing, or spiritual guidance are components of alternative medicine based on the belief that we all are  part of the universal source power. Pam's work is a dynamic combination of the science of the body and the movement of energy through connection of breath, channeling and spirit. Pam brings all of her work back to the breath and channeled meditation as the conduit for changing life patterns and improving life circumstances.  Her specialty is helping highly motivated, spiritually awake people achieve amazing life goals. 

What Are Clients Saying

Leslie Smith, Life Coach

Before working with Pam, I was afraid to take up too much space- I didn't want to be seen as "authoritative" or "domineering". After her amazing program, I see my self as a heart-centered, compassionate leader.  I have tapped power and potential.

Joanne Bisesi, Trainer and Coach

Before Pam I was very private about my coaching and teaching. I did not see myself as a public speaker or a leadership trainer. After meeting Pam and working with her on Rise to the Top and many of her Mentor coaching workshops, I have reached beyond those limited beliefs and now see myself as a public speaker, writer and authentic voice for many individuals in our community. 

Marie Denny, Spiritual Guide and Healer

I did not see myself as a leader before taking Pam's program because I viewed leadership as a more aggressive dominating quality. Now I realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. 

Advanced Energy Training

Join us in 2018 for an amazing training for practitioners of energy medicine, medium/channeling and spirituality.

Catch the Wave & Expand Your Consciousness.