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Leadership is changing, the Age of Technology is moving trends in business and now leadership has to evolve.  We are being pressed and pushed to evolve!

New demands on your business require new training.

We have options with some of the best transformational speakers, coaches and trainers.

Dr. Pam  is a visionary leader and  world-class speaker for 

activating higher performance for leaders in the modern age, 

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The Inspire Summit

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Syracuse, NY  Nov 3, 2019 

The Summit - A Power Packed Speaking Event 

to Create the Unstoppable Leader in YOU.

NYC  October 19, 2019 

LA  Nov 16, 2019

Portland, OR  May 2, 2020

Toronto, CA TBD 2020

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Meet Dr. Pam at Her Transformational Stage With Guest Transformers

Join Dr. Pam for HER amazing world tour.

Pam will be speaking about Transforming Leadership with Upgrades for Your Success.  Join Pam with keynote experts in the field of transformation to UPGRADE your business and life. Her secret sauce to success?  Collaborating with amazing, authentic leaders to bring you real stories and strategies for transforming your life in the modern age.


Specialty Seminars for Shifting Women into HER Upgraded Leadership Consciousness

HER launch! You will have the opportunity to study with me for your  all your training desires.  We will break through the leadership and money blocks holding you back from millionaire consciousness and upgrade businesses with renewed female power.  All you need is ONE thing, the desire to upgrade!


Your Transformation Is Here

Inspire Leadership Conference connects you to transformational speakers as ONE experience so you can thrive (not just survive) in The Age of Technology.  Accelerate beyond blocks in one day and walk away with success.

Early Bird Now Available. Tickets Nov 3, 2019  Syracuse, NY

Inspire begins with power!  Dr. Pam Speaks on the Transformational Stage with  transformational speakers who have reinvented themselves by facing the adversities of changing times, revealing answers to your growth.  Learn how you can step through stress to create new opportunities of growth, resilience and excellence. 

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Dr. Pam creates power packed expos, trainings and conferences that help business and leadership step outside the box and access creative and innovative solutions for growth and productivity in modern times. Consult with Pam directly. 

Pam's approach,  connect in community to create Positive People Technology.  The inner strategies to drive higher performance in fast paced times. 

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Team Retreats

Depth charge your leadership performance.  Dig deep and upgrade physical, emotional and mental power.  We design specialized leadership retreats for teams to break through and transform together. 

Onsight Training

Inspire Leadership will come to you and help you upgrade performance with our power infused, positivity trainings. When your leadership team needs synergy, connection and creative edge.

Your Inspire Conference

When you want to inspire leadership in a BIG way, we will develop  a transformational speaking conference with our amazing speakers. Inspire has the speakers for you. (Want to join our speaking network? Contact Us now.)

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