Wake Up Your Soul And Make Your Mark!

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Dr. Pam is a Motivational Keynote Speaker & Intuitive

Wake Up Your Soul for High Performance.

Overcome the Odds and Break Through Challenges with a  Higher Perspective.

Move forward with passion. 

Dr. Pam speaks to leaders about Accessing SOUL POWER.  

I use powerful intuition to help guide people to CHANNEL their best most Amazing Self.

-Dr. Pam

Her passion alone will wake up your audience to the benefits of digging deep to emerge with true grit power.  Pam teaches how to channel higher insight to develop greatness.

Watch the Dr. Pam Show LIVE on Facebook where Pam reveals the importance of 

Soul Work for activating higher self  performance. 

And Join us at The Intuitive Expo to explore the magic of Soul Power and Change. 

Are you a speaker ready to make your mark ?

Vision Pro Consulting can help you build your dream stage and keynote speaking events.

We work with leaders and speakers who want to create a positive impact. 

Building The Self-Reflective Leader With Mind-Body Tools

Seminars and Speaking Events

Join Pam's Signature Events: Business RX & Rockin the Soul of Your Business, The Intuitive Expo for Positive Life and Business, Intuitive Happy Hours, AND Wake Up Your Soul Transformational Speaking Event.

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Alicia, Actor & Therapist


Coast to Coast, Pam is the best listener.  She has helped me channel my success in amazing ways. 

Jakub, Comedian & Actor


Pam's insights are clear and direct, her leadership coaching has guided me to gain renewed confidence to follow my authentic path. She is a guru. 

Marie, Spiritual Leader


Pam helped me discover that I AM a leader.  I AM a leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. 

Women & Leadership

Leslie, Mom & Power House


Pam helped me see that there are many forms of leadership. I am a compassionate leader.

Nicole, LMT and Intuitive


With Pam's remarkable guidance I am a guide for others on their own journeys of awakening and exploration. 

Jess Ryan, Coach


I now see myself as a confident, passionate business leader. I lead by mentoring.