Meet Dr. Pam

For over 20 years, Pam has dedicated her life to helping people heal their own lives through higher spiritual communication, energy medicine and information that moves healing out of stuck into hope.  Her communication with the Other Side advances more than health to include all areas positive life change for empowered living.  Pam offers break through insight to unanswered questions for advancing our lives and human potential. 

Experience the power of a medium healer to change your life

Are you craving to talk to someone who understands you and totally gets your best self? Do you have unanswered questions about your health and life and feel  lost? Do you need information and guidance that will change your life, right now?  Do you need someone who will really listen and understand your need for connection to deceased love?  Do you feel like you lack deeper connections in relationship to yourself and loved ones?

Pam can help

There is way more to a medium and energy healer than you may know. For more medium moments subscribe and learn.  A medium is an open channel to higher spiritual information that can move and activate positive life change.  We channel higher thoughts, information and resolution that can move you forward. The change you seek can be mind, body, emotions, spirit or health.  

Work with Pam

Pam is authentic, real, honest and trustworthy. She will lovingly push you to grow and change. She will provide a safe space for you to experience real connections with deceased loved ones and higher information that will heal your life.  Her sessions range from crossing over to health, and everything in between that improves your life.

Free Medium Event- Channeling Call

Join Pam for a channeled meditation and medium session. 

A chance to experience channeled meditation, intuitive guidance from spirit and answers to your questions from spirit. 

Dec 21st, 8pm EST

Break through Sugar Program

Channeled medium program for empowered living

The Break Through Sugar Course will help you solve your sugar addiction dilemmma. The solution is something you may never have thought of before and will be revealed in a 5 week course with 2 bonus classes. 

Each course is 30 minutes and calls are recorded for your convienence.

You know that sugar drains your vitality and health, but you have hit a wall and don't know how to heal. Dr. Pam, medium healer, will provide you with powerful solutions for understanding how to get to the other side of your addiction. She will provide you with break through techniques for releasing refined sugar once and for all.

What Clients Are Saying

Alicia Racine, Actor

Pam Denton is out of this world. She is undeniable and the best listener coast to coast. Beyond that, Pam has talents. She speaks to what she calls “spirit” which feels like a deeper part of myself and my spiritual guides all wrapped into a warm blanket. She dedicates herself to get the answers I need and together we clear up my pesky blind spots.  

Jakub Haczkiewicz, Actor

Pam is a guidance guru, her insights and wisdom drive me to achieve greatness in my acting career and reach higher.  My regular sessions with Pam bring me focus, action, power and persistence.  Each session is an anchor in the path of life, keeping me on track with my higher purp

Marie Denny, Medium and Coach

With Pam's guidance and medium channeling I now realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. I have found my power, activated my inner leader and taken steps to advance my career.  Pam sees where I need to go and tells it to me in a way that gently pushes my edge. 


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