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Welcome to PR Enterprises where we build and develop specialized training for advancing your business 

with  creativity, collaboration and intuition. 

Our mission is to build communities of change-makers through awakening and transformation within business.  

We build, train, speak and lead new pathways for evolving leadership in business. 

How do WE turn on creative energy and flow? 

Higher Thought Creation can jump-start business transformation. 

Creating positive change is a power packed experience of generating play big ideas

from intuition and moving them out into reality through flow and action.  

What does Higher Thought Creation do for community and leadership?  

Produces more authenticity, more opportunity, more cash flow, more relationships, more deals, more ideas, more energy.....more of everything you desire to improve the culture of your community and business. Creative energy also grounds, centers and heals communities and people, on the job and through business.

How do you begin raising the consciousness of thought?  

We want to share with you alternative coaching solutions and evolved leadership training.  Founded on  alternative healing and energy medicine, Dr. Pam Denton has designed business training and speaking that introduces higher thought as a form of creative power to break through stuck patterns and deliver powerful positive change. 

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Train with Dr. Pam


Every person has a reason for being here. We all have a purpose and this is our leading edge for success. 

The Intuitive Expo

Your intuition can lead you to awaken and transform.  By learning to tune into intuition you will create life change and transform your business practices. 


A female empowerment program. The HER Coach Program will help you break through stuck and lead from power. Women 4 Women can be trained to coach women. Join our leadership team of coaches and train with us in Fall of 2018.

What Clients Are Saying

Alicia Racine, Actor

Pam Denton is out of this world. She is undeniable and the best listener coast to coast. Beyond that, Pam has talents. She speaks to what she calls “spirit” which feels like a deeper part of myself and my spiritual guides all wrapped into a warm blanket. She dedicates herself to get the answers I need and together we clear up my pesky blind spots.  

Jakub Haczkiewicz, Actor

Pam is a guidance guru, her insights and wisdom drive me to achieve greatness in my acting career and reach higher.  My regular sessions with Pam bring me focus, action, power and persistence.  Each session is an anchor in the path of life, keeping me on track with my higher purp

Marie Denny, Medium and Coach

With Pam's guidance and medium channeling I now realize I AM a confident leader in a more gentle come along side of me way kind of way. More of a collaborative facilitator. I have found my power, activated my inner leader and taken steps to advance my career.  Pam sees where I need to go and tells it to me in a way that gently pushes my edge. 

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