YES! You are the Change.


Motivating Change In Leaders

Dr. Pam motivates change in business and leadership. She has  powerful messages for overcoming challenges, moving beyond fear and advancing  to clarity.  Her speaking involves  transformational Mind-Body tools. Pam gives your audience powerful action based methodology for high performance.  Join the Show! 


Higher Self Perspective for Positive Reinforcement

Dr. Pam delivers her motivational speaking from a higher self perspective of transformation and motivation to break through the limits.  Join Pam on a path to move through challenges with a powerful positive attitude and connection to higher motivation. Pam's Mind-Body tools for deep sustainable change ask your audience to collaborate to win and rise to the top together using COMMUNITY.   


The Dig Deep Work For Facing Adversity

When you need tools for change and a new perspective Pam's motivation and training can light your way. Stimulate creative energy and build new pathways for change. Dr. Pam lights the way to shift from within the soul.  She asks people to develop their own inner motivation and intrinsic value that transforms leaders into connectors.  People who know how to get connected and stay connected, even in the face of stress.