Channel Your Success

Channeling for Performance

Stay focused and on track with your REAL purpose and reason for being here so you can manifest success.  A process we call alignment. Pam uses her amazing psychic power and energy channeling to make sure you are honoring your inner knowing and flowing with your message as an actor. Not everyone can do what you do. You have a gift of expressive power that is unique and special and we want to make sure you are Standing Out with Confidence.

Channel the Part

As a gifted medium, psychic and communicator Pam helps guide your audition. Coaching that allows you to get in touch with the spirit of the part you’re about to play. Invite, honor, and step into the role, learning as much as possible energetically about the role. Receive the information of the part you’re about to play.   Become your full expressive power so you can land the part and perform from your heart.

Protect Your Fame

 Your energy is very important and needs clearing and protection.  Intuitive guidance sessions and energy clearing can help you work to protect yourself from negative interference, toxic relationships and rough decisions that limit your power.  You will have energies that need to be removed, all leaders need a regular clearing of energy.