Vision Pro Consulting

See Through The Challenge

When you feel stuck or in need of guidance.  When you need validation and affirmation. And when you need new ideas. This is when Dr. Pam can consult you. Her intuitive approach will fast forward you through the challenge.

Pam visions your success path with you and consults you how to bring mindful, self reflective leadership into the workplace. 

When your mind needs a break from stress.  Clarity is around the corner with mindfulness exercises that connect you to a renewed sense of mission. 

Dr. Pam can guide you.  Her visionary consulting is fast and effective, designed for impact business teams and the leader who needs immediate clarity.

Mindful Consulting for Professionals

Dr. Pam faciltates mindful exercises that advance team positivity and collaborative energy.  Pam's personal and professional skill in mindful business operations and activation can help you build your community. Her expertise as a community builder and positive motivator inspires immediate shift for your leadership and community. This is not your average consulting, but rather a deep dive into power packed exercises to advance your team performance. Pam's leadership will inform you about your team tension points, mis-alignments in mission and vision, and belief system stress. She will help set you on track with new alignment, vision and action.

Why be Mindful?

A collective mind that has positive thoughts can motivate massive shift.  When your business and leadership is all about shift happening on a community level, mindful exercises are KEY to making shift possible.  Pam uses integrative exercises that immediately help you access CLARITY.

Want to face a challenge?

Lets Talk!  Contact Pam for immediate shift.

Pam works with

Agents of Change.  Athletics. Fitness Industry. Positive Motivators. Consciousness Raisers. Mind-Body Leaders and Leaders who want Mind-Body Connection for immediate relief.

Team Meditation and Mindfulness

Clear the space in your mind and receive.  Pam trains corporate teams, leadership and businesses in mindful concepts for positive change, working with consciously driven companies to achieve greatness.