Conscious Corporate Change

Consciousness Upgrade for Your Community Growth

When you think of your business internally and externally as a growing community the focus can be shifted to message, mission and impact through relationships. This formula drives sales and loyal customers. 

Intuition is key to this process of community growth. It is the path to positive motivation that reaches people at the core of life purpose and drives sales with impact.  These steps are the way to provide intuitive tools for lasting business change.   


Intuition provides clarity, a connection to higher self change vital to our world, asking us to stop and to look at ourselves purposefully. Listen to what matters, really listen deeply. This is the path to communities of authentic leadership. recognition of message mission and impact within community is vital to your shift.


In order to build a conscious business you will have to restructure business operations.  Dr. Pam guides you step by step. Ultimately, you will create the conscious foundation for change in business that is vital to our world and YOUR bottom line. 


This is called self reflective leadership and is the path to your renewed success. It is science and strategy all wrapped into one package. Meditation to reflect on message, mission and impact is part of this step. Branding to reflect the depth and conscious choices of your business strategy. 


When we allow intuition to come into play, it doesn’t know our self-limiting beliefs and restrictions. It only knows the law of attraction. As you connect you will be fulfilled.

Be the Shift!

Conscious Meditation

Meditation in a business setting can stimulate ideas to flow, collaboration and positive interaction.  This creates what Dr. Pam calls the community builder, Cascade Effect. Positive energy flows out of your core workforce into relationships stimulating sustainable business structure and sales. Business Conscious Meditation is the foundation level for  programs for your team leadership development and conscious business upgrade.  Choose from Positive Power Boosts, Team Training and Speaking. 

Business Guidance Training

This is where we cultivate Authentic leadership.  A space where everyone leads despite titles, credentials, gender. race or position. Level the playing field in your community and create connection. This can grow and be advanced through conscious practices with community.  Positive Infusions of support in daily routine, build strength and integrity into your community.  New ideas are respected and honored and creative flow is valued.