Messages from Spirit to Motivate Change

  • Your Divine Spark

    I know inside my heart that everyone has a purpose, a reason for

    being here on earth, a destiny, and a calling. Spirit has guided me over

    and over to help men and women open their destiny and connect to purpose.

    Spirit has also shown me that inside every person is a divine spark of

    creative spiritual destiny designed especially for contribution to

    the world.

    As a medium, healer, and business leader, I have learned first-hand that

    people around the world are putting out their divine spark daily. Some

    people do not even know they have purpose & power.  So, here is your chance to shine & Find your SPARK!

    Group Spiritual & Intuitive Coaching Call

    Feeling like you want a powerful download of information to clarity your path? 

    In Each Group Call Dr. Pam will take you through coaching exercises to clarify your specific desires and road map your path to success. We will channel information that brings momentum and change for leadership: health, business, finances, crossing over, relationships and health. 

    What is the Download Group Coaching About?

    A higher thought download is KNOWING the universe has your back.  And is information that you have a higher potential and there is information to follow this path.  Your higher self has your interest at heart. We will tune in and tap into this power and download specific information that improves your life. 

    It’s framing thought patterns in a way that move us forward - because we believe in ourselves.

    Turning the energy surge that comes with the higher thought pushes us through our stuck into higher action. 

    This comes from a more positive energy of knowing who we are and why we’re here. It’s taking action on a mission-based presence. 

    You will have the chance in community to build your own path with downloads.



    Private Download Sessions

    Channeling Session

    As a spiritual guide and medium, I help people get in touch with the messages that our body’s spirit shares with us. Our bodies, wired through the nervous system to provide spiritual guidance, inform us of why we’re here. Every-body has the same wiring to spirit and guidance from the universe and you can receive with me.

    Homes and Business

    Channeling Energy and clearing out negativity and toxic energy can radically alter how you feel in your business and home.  These sessions include business blessings and prosperity guidance sessions with spirit.  Attune a new venture or amp up an old one with spiritual guidance. 

    Animal Channeling and Clearing

    Energy clearing for animals and communication with spirit about your animals challenges and health can shift the relationship with your pet.  

    Free Channeling Call

    Dr. Pam is an open channel of information and communicates with the other side a process she calls "messages from spirit." As a connection with higher thought and universal energy, Pam guides you to be directed according to your soul's purpose/destiny.  Join Dr. Pam live every other week.