Transforming Leaders for Higher Performance in Modern Times

Break Through to The Other Side of Adversity, Challenges and Growth with CONNECTION!


You have hit the wall and need your power back.  Lost your mojo and feel run down and tired.  Surrounded by conflict.  Sabotaged by FEAR.

Higher Performance means facing your stress, removing blocks and creating higher sense of  fulfillment and accomplishment. Once you begin to face your stress, you will begin to feel more connected, authentic and real.  This means power to your presence as a leader and you are now attractive.


There is an easy way to know how well you are managing your performance: stress:  anxiety, poor health, mindset, conflict, chaos, drama, and failing in the marketplace are all signs your leadership is losing high performance.  The feeling that you are outdated and can't keep up with a sense of disconnection. These are all signs and symptoms of shift, where you may want to dig deep and move in a new direction.

The Answer: Inner Work for Outer Results to create higher performance and immediate return on your investment. Purpose, Clarity, Authenticity, Confidence, and Connection. These are dig deep solutions for changing times.  

The main missing ingredient in leadership performance? Connected self reflection that creates immediate energy and clarity.  The ability to connect, and transform.  

Dr. Pam and  the Vision Pro team offers solutions for leaders who want an upgrade and immediate performance results. Our work is for for leaders, performers  and athletes who want to create a new level of success, NOW. We Inspire immediate change. 

We provide Business RX, inner upgrades for performance help you move beyond the anxiety, fear and stress of your high paced life and make positive impact advancements.  The upgrade sessions detoxify old behaviors that no longer serve you, and help you re-pattern your leadership to make a positive impact.  

Connect, and find the calm, grounded presence you have been searching for.  

Sessions choose from:

1 power packed session 1.5 hr.

8 steps to positive clarity. 

Pam puts the tools and skills in your hands motivating you to harness new energy, insight and power.

Contact Pam.