Business Transformation 2020

The changes you seek in your business begin with you tuning in and accessing new creative action. At The Superpower Conference, we retreat into a transformational environment with a cohesive group of like-minded business leaders to achieve creativity, collaboration, and connection. You will leave with positive power generating new creative action necessary to excel business in the modern-age. 

In a business climate that has become increasingly out of balance, we need mind-body connection, inner strength, and new business practices to build success. At The Superpower Conference, we will guide you to tune-in to your innate superpowers and access your authentic form of leadership. By engaging in a supportive group of people you will connect with creative ideas, sustainable strategy and solid relationships.

What is Superpower? Clear solutions to your business and leadership challenges derived from a heightened sense of awareness.

When you feel super powerful: 

  • You feel energized, alive, and filled with passion. 
  • You want to share your voice, impact lives and influence change. 
  • You want to connect and shift the quality of life in your business, this means creating new environments. 
  • You are more willing to build connections and discover creative solutions to your challenges and stress.

    The Superpower Conference is a new form of a collaborative Conference where we support you in connection with your self and other people.  All of the speakers facilitate workshops where you will access new ideas and breakthrough the walls holding you back from taking leaps of creative faith. We don't speak at you, we facilitate change, deep permanant change. 

Conference Topics and Break OUts

Transformation with Dr. Pam


Transformational Stage

The Conference begins with a 

facilitated leadership discussion, cracking you open to explore the power inside of your business leadership.



Authentic Conversations

Facilitated sessions designed to launch you into the modern age with the power of sharing your story and communicating your message clearly. 



Transformation Stations

Mind-Body Healing Stations available for you to engage at a deeper level. Intuition, Healing, Coaching, and Wellness.  

Become a Transformation Station Vendor 



Connection is key for your creative exploration and leadership development. 

We create a positive environment, so you feel connected all the way through your weekend. 



Our experts provide amazing facilitated workshops.  You will leave feeling energized, uplifted, clear and ready to take action. 

Schedule will Post Jan, 2020.

Speakers Apply Here.

Action & Follow Through


The entire strategy of our event gives you the strength, courage and knowledge to take immediate action on new creative ideas for business prosperity. 

Schedule Available January 2020

Plan to be engaged in powerful sessions that move you into creative action for immediate results in your business culture and success. Topics include: leadership, branding, purpose, profitability, messaging connection, and authenticity.