Inspire & Transform Business

The Superpower Conferences are designed for your professional power and modern business success.

Modern business has put a lot of stress in your path and to succeed you need the superpower strength of Mind, Body and Emotions.  Our Mind-Body speaking events are designed to provide you with superpower strength to achieve greatness.

R.O.A.R. Radical. Opportunity. Appearing. RightNow.

Attractor Factor Turn up your superpowers of authenticity to attract new business.

Download Your Superpower Destiny Learn to live from your purpose and shine your starpower.

Learn to Tune in and Tap in to Superpower

Innate lifeforce is the key to your superpowers.  Through our trainings, summits and conferences you will learn to access superpower strength to achieve success.

Business Success 2020


Rochester, NY and NYC

Dr. Pam takes you through 8 activations for higher performance. You will reach higher, create your 2020 action plan, and follow through with an empowerment program.


Your 8 Superpowers for Immediate Success

Through 8 Superpowers with Dr. Pam Denton and  we will align you with your purpose. And you will create immediate action.

Rochester - Saturday Dec 14, 2019

NYC- Saturday, Jan 18. 2020 

10 am-7 pm


Inspire Business Conference

Become Unstoppable in your Business Success!

In a business climate that has become increasingly out of balance, we need new creative leadership tools and business practices that will allow success. At the Inspire Business Conference, we will help you tune in to your innate superpowers and teach you how to tap into power to embrace and embody the authentic form of business leadership. 

Create. Collaborate. Connect.

From the Transformational Stage, Dr. Pam moves you into new action and shares the activations that will need to move business as you break through what holds you back.  The superpowers you access will tap you into the inner making of a new leader who can create, connect and collaborate to achieve their highest success. 

A motivational force, Dr. Denton will introduce some of the key concepts behind her groundbreaking training and speaking.

At Inspire Business Conference we will uplift you and you will leave with the power to take new action as a business leader. 

Leave with a renewed mindset, clear vision, and energy to succeed.

Access new ideas and implementation tactics immediately.

May 2-3, 2020 Portland OR

Location and details TBA

Topics and Break OUts

Transformation with Dr. Pam


The Conference begins with a SUPERPOWER

talk and facilitated leadership discussion, cracking you open to explore the power inside of your business leadership.



Authentic Conversations

Lunch and Learn designed to launch you into the modern age with the power of sharing your story as your elevator pitch. 

Learn to connect with passion.



Transformation Stations

Mind-Body Healing is available for you to engage at a deeper level and step forward with courage. Intuition, Healing, Coaching and Wellness.  Apply Here.



Connection is key for your creative exploration and leadership development.  We make sure to keep you connected all weekend long. 

Break Out Workshops


Our experts provide amazing teaching and facilitated workshops for you to experience break through.  You will leave feeling energized, uplifted and clear, ready to take action. 

Speakers Apply Here.

Action & Follow Through


The entire strategy of our event gives you the strength, courage and knowledge to take immediate action on new creative ideas for buisness prosperity.