Events and Training Helping Your Business Access Superpower


Energy. Clarity. Action.

We build speaking programs for leadership transformation that are designed for immediate impact.

Mind-Body-Emotions-Energy we provide the vision and your strategy.

From Vision to Implementation we create your Leadership Speaking Event with you, adding in all of the power you need to transform in the midst of modern day challenges.

Want to start with a basic plan?

Inspire New Leadership- A leadership exploration

A 2 hour faciliated exprience with Dr. Pam Denton to open your Leadership Team to Positive Transformation. 

The modern-day problems our events solve?

  • High turn over in  great leadership
  • Fear and survival that creates anxiety and disconnect
  • Communication disconnects that alter team dynamics
  • Generation gaps in communication
  • Sluggish Sales
  • Negative Mindset

Meet with us to vision, plan and implement your leadership event.

Team Building, Conferences, Speaking Events, and Women & Leadership


We build teams with PEP.

Positive Energetic Presence in Leadership. 

The ability to hold positive energy and read energy in sales and leadership is key to success. When you are in tune with positive energy business can flow and manifest results. 

Start to Finish

The Leadership Conversation


The first step is clarity.

This conversation is a dialogue that provides you immediate insight into action.

Leadership is changing, 

are you in?

Expert Guidance


We collaborate with expert facilitators, trainers and speakers to make sure you have the right fit for your training and speaking needs.  Helping you answer,

who will best serve your needs for immediate results in the modern age?



Dr. Pam provides the vision and strategy, for your team building, training and retreats. She will guide your event from start to implementation making sure to support the transformation of your leadership team for success.



Brand your training for immediate connection.

Big or small business, you want people to know about your training, for a positive impact.

How you brand your signature trainings will influence interaction and efficacy. 



Message your training and communicate clearly to your employees, team or clients.

Messaging ranges from branded communication for corporations to events for authors and speakers.


Retreat With Your team

When success requires getting away from it all to become clear

Dive into the heart of the matter, release stress and connect to team mission. 

Our retreats take you to a space where all the distractions can be eliminated and you can begin to tune in and become positive.

We help you organize and plan a retreat that matches your immediate challenges.

Add the Mind-Body

Team upgrades provided through meditation/yoga, physical exercise, and connection circles.  We work with you as consultants building out the perfect opportunity to excel. 

Why retreat?

  • Team conflict is interfering with your business success.
  • The need for clarity and creativity..
  • You want to clear the mind and heart of your leaders for positivity. 
  • You want more connection for your team.

Join us and design a destination retreat that can reach your goals.  

Dr. Pam Denton

As a master facilitator Pam will guide your team to connect in powerful ways and build team synergy. 

Design the retreat strategies with Pam to make sure your  retreat is an ultimate success.