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People are Doing Business With Companies that Lead with Positive Impact


Dr. Pam INSPIRES Positive Impact. 

Join her Vision Pro mission to create purpose that drives profit in leadership. The kind of business where your leadership centers on positive impact with profit. Build Positive Community in your business and leadership. Use technology to share your message and mission. Build a legacy company. Pam consults small and large business to get real with their mission and message, and make the internal shifts necessary to change with the times. Become a conscious community by driving with purposeful connection. 


Business with Companies That Have Purpose

Reinvent Your Leadership and Innovate Positive Impact.

Dr. Pam works with companies and leaders building platforms, trainings and events for immediate positive impact and change in leadership.  

Vision Pro Consulting helps you gain clarity on how you need to progress in the accelerated market so you can thrive instead of survive.  We help you define and redefine purpose and how to lead from this state of deeper meaning.

Many leaders report that they take advancement trainings, but follow through is minimal, nothing changes.

Our conscious leadership trainings are designed to get leaders to transform for sustainable results.  

The answer to all uncertain times? Reinvent leadership and keep up with accelerated advances in the Age of Technology.  

Consulting will help you solve and answer: 

  • What needs to transform?
  • Why change immediately and how?
  • Long term results?

We are a Consulting Agency working with highly motivated leaders who want to reinvent leadership for emerging market success.   Our Agency wants to make sure you are equipped and ready for new growth. 

Let's Connect!


People want positive leadership change

Positive People Get Results

There are massive shifts happening in business.  Technology has radically altered the playing field creating more visibility, connection and opportunity.  At the same time motivating the demand for deeper meaning and messaging.  People want to feel connected to the message and mission of your business and are searching for a more positive centered experience at work. 

Leaders are being challenged mentally and emotionally to stay in the game as positive motivational leaders, building up winning teams.

No longer is domination, aggression and control a form of acceptable leadership. People want to feel respected, honored and connected to a deeper meaning. and there is a demand for community, compassion and connection.  Become confident in new forms of positive community building with Dr. Pam.  She is a powerful listener and will be able to help you sort through the complexity of leadership and cut through with laser focus to the core of your powerful presence in the marketplace.

Positive Solutions

We create positive solutions, training and events with you through consulting. Solutions that uplift and inspire innovation, creativity, connection and clarity. Our simple answer is a connection  to the deeper purpose of your business.  In a way that leaders and customers feel it, for real. Vision Pro helps you facilitate training events designed to clarify, motivate and uplift your employees and leadership. To know more about Pam as an inspirational leader click below.

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Retreat With Your team

When success requires getting away from it all!

Dive into a deeper space of creativity and empowered leadership with your team.  Our retreats take you to a space where all the distractions can be eliminated and you can begin to tune in to team leadership at a deeper and more connected level. 

Individual and team conscious upgrades provided through meditation/yoga, physical exercise, and connection circles.  We work with you as consultants building out the perfect opportunity to excel. 

Why retreat?

  •  Team conflict is interfering with your business success.
  • The need for clarity and creativity.
  • A deeper connection to success is necessary.
  • You want to clear the mind and heart of your leaders for positivity. 
  • You want more connection for your team.

Join us and design a destination retreat and power packed experience that suits your goals.  

Dr. Pam Denton

As a master facilitator Pam will guide your team to connect in powerful ways and build team synergy. 

Design the retreat strategies with Pam to make sure your  retreat is an ultimate success.