Speaking From the Heart and Soul of Leadership

At the HEART of your, Business Success is your mission & message.  

Are you communicating this message through your leadership? 

Are you attracting top talent through your deep connection to positive workspace and communication?  

Is your Leadership Team Authentically Connected?

These are topics that can radically alter how your business performs in the modern age:

  • Attracting Top Talent with Authentic Communication
  • Unstoppable Women in Leadership
  • The Expansionary Mind to Vision Success
  • Get Heart & Center with Sales and CONNECT

Modern Age Business requires you shift from outdated forms of leadership: fear, survival and control - into modern-day advances. Dr. Pam speaks and consults you to create People-Centric Business.  A business where leadership is synergized with positive communication of message and mission.

Dr. Pam Denton Speaks

Pam speaks from the heart of leadership success. Her approach to transformational speaking is unique and out of the box, because her intuition allows Dr. Pam to speak directly to your conference or business  in a way that innovates, creates and evolves positive change. 

It is through real and honest emotional connection that you will build business success. 

Her stage presence and confidence will help you transform your team and group into a higher level of performing and defeat the odds of stress, anxiety and fear.

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Want to know more about Pam?  Best thing is to schedule a connection session.  You will immediately get the feel for Pam's real and open leadership, with her power house approach to change. 

Products & Programs


Transform Leaders with the Expansionary Mind

Dr. Pam motivates inner change in business and leadership. She has  powerful messages for overcoming challenges, moving beyond fear with an open mind. Her speaking involves  transformational Mind-Body tools. Pam gives your audience powerful action based methodology for high performance.


Women & Leadership

Dr. Pam is an expert in female empowerment and facilitates powerful women's talks for increasing confidence and courage. Author of She Means Business: Activating the New Leader, Pam believes in breaking through the old patterns holding women stuck and asks women and men to step into the female form of leadership. 

Dr. Pam also speaks to college and high-schools students, and shows the new generation how to lead in an authentic and real way, giving young women the tools to be powerful and prosperous. 


Connection Care Sales Training

The Heart and Core of Sales. We are a culture of connection and through technology we have added value to doing business faster. But we are also a culture of disconnect and unhappiness, that can be immediately reflected in how we do business.  Disconnected with lack of presence and poor communication, your sales team and customer care can be challenged with modern day stressors that negatively impact profit. The answer to this dilemma is in Pam's Connection Care Training.  Her awareness system will help you reinforce positive connection through training people to communicate and connect in new ways. The INTRO is a basic level awareness training that every team needs for modern day positivity. 


Leadership into Motivators

What if your middle to upper-level management knew how to coach?  Ask the right questions to motivate team excellence? Lead rather than demand performance? Inspire connection rather than perpetuate fear and control?

Pam's approach is teaching higher management leaders to communicate and connect in positive ways that advance authentic work relations and positive culture. Teaching management how to coach excellence is your solution for streamlined success.