Business Coaching

Your Purpose Matters to Your Success

Executive Business Coaching is for leaders who want to clarify deeper purpose and your meaningful mission that drives profit. Reconnect and level up your career and leadership with inner transformation and connection to purpose.  

You will learn to use a strategic system of business mastery.  And how to master the 5 Connections for Business Success.  

Why would you engage in 

Executive Coaching? 

  • You want clarity about a certain issue, transition, or conflict.  Visionary Confidence to make appropriate changes. Clarity and Confidence is key.  

  • You want to strengthen confidence in your purpose driven leadership to make changes, create positive impact or follow your destiny.

  • You want a strategic action plan and the clear vision to implement projects that impact people in positive ways. 

  • You want to expand and grow with positive power.  Write a book, lead in new ways, share a deeper message with employees, and get more involved in business again. 

As you connect on a deeper level with your leadership you will reveal the purposeful meaning of your work.

Through a series of in depth, dig deep sessions, you will drive with mission as your motor.  

Executive Coaching and Vision Sessions engage you in a connection process.  Start with a Jump start or Do a longer Depth Charge.

Long term programs are available for more in depth issues and transitions, team  training can be included.

Begin with a Vision Your Purpose Consultation Today.  


The five Connectors for Positive Impact Leadership


Connecting you to deeper meaning. 

1st Connection- Purpose. The process begins -- "where you are today" --with your personal  and professional leadership purpose. Define your mission, intention and reason for leading.  Even when you already "know" your purpose, you may be disconnected by stress, lack of health, mental chaos and foggy thinking.  This re-connection and reminder is vital to the rest of the steps. Every leader has clarity work to do over and over when driving from a deeper mission and destiny level. Clarity and the Mind Cleanse will get you out of your head and into your heart, energize your mission and give you a link to step 2, clarity.

2nd Connection- Clarity. Clear thought, vision and mission to achieve positive impact. Dr. Pam's specific style of business coaching will clear your thoughts so you can see your new emerging path of connected leadership. This is where you begin to see clearly your mission and how you will connect people to real and authentic business practices.  What you knew to be true through other coaching and leadership will be pulled out of you for a more meaningful connection that matches the evolving leadership trends. 

3rd Connection- Confidence.  Yes you have confidence.  You got to your position with raw confidence and the desire to succeed. You have achieved massive results in your career.  In this step you will connect with a new form of confidence.  The confidence to communicate from a real and authentic leader and lead WITH people through connection. And make necessary transitions in your career and expansion.  You will shift into owning your mission and have the confidence to speak clearly. 

4th Connection- Value.  You will see the value of your new inner connection in the outer experiences you have during your business coaching. Dr. Pam will reflect back at you deeper understanding and compassion for your quest to achieve connection for you and your team.  

5th Connection- Authentic Leadership. This is the real and authentic transformation into why you are here, to change lives from the inside of business out to your client and customer. The wisdom phase. There is no other way to say this, you will become real.  Real in speaking your core centered truth in the moment.  Connecting with people from a state of "I am" rather than "do as I say". The goal of executive coaching is to clear away in-authentic leadership and produce the real you so you can be a positive force for change. 

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