Superpower Your Success

Are Your Ready to Get Superpowered?

Spend a full weekend developing mental focus, inner strength, and creative action. All through an intensive Mind, Body and Emotion journey with Dr. Pam and her Superpower Team. 

Do you want to challenge yourself to grow?  

Our team and community will guide you to tune-in to your innate superpowers and access your authentic form of leadership. We provide everything you need to advance including deep dive transformative workshops, transformation stations, mind-body healing, collective environment and collaborative mind-sets.

Do you want more out of your success? 

We provide a strategic line-up of transformational speaking topics and workshops that give you immediate innovative solutions to your business and leadership. As you heighten your awareness you will be able to cut through the chaos and stress, straight through to creative and collaborative action. 

Do you want your team to be as powerful as you?

Bring them with you!

Challenge your team to grow and expand in our supportive plus challenging environment. We will ask all leaders to step far outside the box of limited belief systems and straight into victorious mindset and emotional intelligence. We want your team to grow and succeed! 

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Our conference environment is designed especially for you. 

May 1-3 Portland, OR Rivershore Conference Center

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Bring The BootCamp To Your Team

Want to Bring the SuperPower Motivation to Your Team?

The team challenge is ON!  A Full 4 Hours of deep dive of Mind-Body-Emotions motivational exercises and speaking designed for your team.

Do You Feel You Need a Team BootCamp?

Challenge your leadership team to walk through the fire of transformation and achieve the inner strength they need to be amazing.

Do you want your team to be as motivated as you?

Grab your team and Dr. Pam will take them through the ring of  fire transformation to build stamina and strength. 

Achieve More!

Lets get physical and build strength and stamina into your team.  Dr. Pam brings her expertise on site to motivate you to be better, faster and stronger in Mind, Body and Emotions. 

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Plan to be engaged in powerful sessions that move you into creative action for immediate results in your business culture and success. Topics include: leadership, branding, purpose, profitability, messaging connection, and authenticity.