Leadership Health

All leaders, even with powerful health practices, are under extreme stress. Transformational leaders need clarity of health to operate in playing field.

Are you a leader in need of an upgrade, support and clarity? Do you struggle through the day feeling stuck with low energy and fatigue?

When your health and peace of mind feels like an uphill struggle, Medical Intuitive Sessions with Dr. Pam Denton are constructed to rebuild your body’s natural healing process and reduce stress through mind-body and core exercises. 

Pam reads your disease and can see your healing process.  She can help you access the health you need to play big in life and business.  She will guide you to return into the arena with a support system of tools for success & peace of mind.  


She also offers healing power and quality consultations for your healing process when you face serious life altering challenges: high stress, tension, pain sickness, relationship stress and crisis.  Her main goal is to help you create positive outlook through empowered healing practices of meditation and mind-body exercise.   

Dr. Pam's clients  include highly motivated leaders, athletes, actors, youth and people in search of alternative health.

Hormone Health

Dr. Pam specializes in support systems for healing the stress of your body. In many cases this begins with your hormones. You can begin to clear stress and tension that has accumulated in your body from years of pressing forward in life and business with a consultation.  Remove the interference and allow the body to heal.  Dr. Pam works intuitively and energetically with your healing process helping you access all of the healing energy necessary to reclaim your life.  

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Anti-aging and Renewal

 Your journey to renewed health begins with natural support of your body and its natural health.  Start here!