About Pam Denton

In her first years as a Chiropractor Pam channeled information that brought relief to hundreds of clients for unexplainable medical conditions.  She attracted tough medical cases that had been stuck for years.  Pam's direct and honest approach to life change and health earned the trust of many people. Her insight and guidance provided hope for those who had lost all faith in healing, and her spiritual touch and communication provided immediate relief for pain and restrictions that had been present for years. To learn more follow Pam's Medium Moments or subscribe to YouTube. 

Dr. Pam developed her channeling and communication skills along side of her patients realizing that her gift was to reach millions of people worldwide to restore faith in the body and its innate ability to heal.  

I have guided thousands of people to the other side of pain, sickness and disease and into health.

There is a voice that speaks through Pam from the higher realm.  It has guided Pam to step out fearlessly and speak to the un-explainable conditions that cause human suffering to include Autism, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety and Eating Disorders.  Pam's communication bridges all areas of life to include mind, emotions, business and money.  Her work has expanded to include all areas of life and focuses on breakthrough techniques for health and living life.

How I Can Help.


Pam is an open channel of information and communicates with the other side a process she calls "messages from spirit." As a  medium healer, her connection with higher thought allows your health sessions to be directed according to your soul's purpose.  Pam channels for actors and performers and helps them get in touch with the power of performance. 

Group Medium

Pam's group sessions range from private home events to medium training.  Dr. Pam believes that you can open your channel to receive messages and she uses a strategic process to open your channel through breath and meditation.  For families and people in need of "on the other side" assistance Pam will medium at private events for deceased loved ones and guidance.


Dr. Pam works with channeling the real spirit of animals and helping to release negative trauma and abuse.  The power of energetic connection to spirit and source power can help your animal discover peace and live anxiety free.  Pam helps restore the spirit of your animal to a peaceful and calm space and releases anxiety and aggression with your animal. 


There are unsolved conditions and issues that arise with children.  Pam has been using energy medicine and positive spiritual insight for children for over 15 years and achieves incredible results: emotional disturbances, Autism, ADHD, transitions, trauma, sensitivities and sickness. One may think of Pam as the Child whisperer and her expertise ranges from before conception to college level.  


Pam's medium powers extend into power performance and the ability to lead a powerful balanced athletic life as an athlete.  Pam's spiritual channeling helps on the rise athletes envision success, go for it and remain balanced in the process. Pam delivers, through spirit, a mind-body approach to Athletic empowerment and works with all ages and abilities.


Pam's work is directed towards breaking through the stuck components of your health and turning on your innate wisdom and healing power.  Pam, with spiritual guidance looks at you mind, body and emotional body from the perspective of energy and life-force and has been guided by spirit to work with removing the negative interference that blocks your healing.