There is a New Form of Leadership Emerging

Times are changing and leadership must transform in order for business to succeed.  This means you need balance & the female form of leadership.


In order to thrive in modern day challenges you need: Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, Intuition, Authenticity and Messaging.

What Will You Experience?  We give you the tools for transformation so your mind and body can get up to speed with the accelerated changes. Leave our event leading with renewed passion and power.


Dr. Pam Denton

Inspire brings you the real deal in transformation.  Created by Dr. Pam Denton, Transformation Leadership expert, we bring to you a experiential event where you can learn how to create the new form of leader.

Join us November 3, 2019 

10am-5pm  in Syracuse, NY

Embassy Suites Destiny USA

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Our Keynote Speaker


Michelle Enjoli

Opens Our Event With Her Story and Transformation-CONNECTION

 Sharing her transformational journey of connection in leadership during a major disruption in her career. 

Michelle Enjoli is the founder of Connect, a blog and coaching business focused on educating others on using the power of connection to achieve success in business. She first learned the power of connecting on a presidential campaign trail while she was in college and was awarded her dream job as a producer in New York City for a national morning show before she received her degree. She has worked for some amazing brands in television and marketing including Univision, Mercedes-Benz and Delta Airlines. While at Mercedes-Benz, she created her own business resource group called CONNECT to connect professionals with leaders and continues to expand on this work today.  

We are honored to have Michelle with us from Atlanta, GA.

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Transformation Speakers

Dr. Pam Denton


Dr. Pam delivers a powerful transformational experience.  She will guide you to open and expand your mind and move into action with her witty humor and spark of creative genius. 

 Speaking from her heart and soul you will begin to shift immediately.  Dr. Pam facilitates the sharing of stories, tools and powerful insights to accelerate leadership advancements.

Discover more on For the Love of Business.

Sheila Applegate


Sheila Applegate transforms lives with her Consciously Awesome Coaching program. 

She brings to the stage an amazing story of how she learned to access inner consciousness to manifest immediate shift in business. Sheila introduces us to oneness, otherwise known as presence. You will learn what you need to manifest immediate results in your business and leadership success. 

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Gregory Joseph


This will be a powerful story to witness!

Join us to hear Gregory's transformation from red neck contractor to international master healer.

 Meet Gregory Joseph, internationally acclaimed intuitive, healer and seminar leader. Greg presents professional tools that energize, motivate, and create a relationship with your True Self.  

More on Gregory. 

Lunch N' Collaborate

Have an Authentic Conversation with Amy Bliss, JD, MBA

Topic: The Passion of an Avatar & Your Positive Communication

Amy will share her story about shifting from losing her passion to reinventing her business success. The business tactic we will discuss Market yourself authentically so you can connect. Avatar + Story + Connection = Business Growth

The Workshops & Connection

Michelle Enjoli


 How to Connect In Order To Create Engagement and Productivity 

Kelly Covert


 The Authentic Path: Becoming a Confident Leader by Following  Your Inner Voice

Michelle Howe


 Expansive Leadership: The Heart Path for Leaders, Teams and Organizations 

Gregory Joseph


 Discover Your Genius Talent: When you find your genius talent,  you have found your purpose 

Dr. Pam Denton


Closing with Sheila Applegate

 Think Bigger And Drive Profit With Purpose 

Sheila Applegate



Leading From The Vortex: Meditation for Aligning With  Your Inner Leadership Team

A powerful closing meditation, visualization and transformation.

The Inspire Conference Day

We Begin With Transformation

 Inspire begins with a power packed 2-3 hour keynote speaking experience to uplift and energize your day.  Break through in the connective experience with Dr. Pam and transformational leaders who have reinvented themselves by facing the adversities of changing times, revealing answers to your growth.  

Break Out Sessions

Dive Deeper with our Keynote speakers  about specific transformation topics, including mind, body and emotions of successful leadership.  These topics will change you from the inside out.   

Transform and  engage with out of the box sessions where you can get up close and personal with the speakers and their specific topics.

Network Zone

When you need the space and time to have a deeper conversation, join us in the network zone.    Meet with our experts and collaborate on key topics. Take time to dive inwards and evolve your leadership performance and success with deep conversations.

Book signings and information on deep dive topics available.

Transformation Station Mind-Body Vendors

Mind Body Support and Intuitive Guidance. Our Vendors provide an interactive experience to our experience. We want you to be able to engage in the transformation.  Mind-Body  transformation for the soul of your prosperity and success.  APPLY HERE

Our Speaking Team

We are collaborators and connectors.  Joining our team means you become part of a collaborative community.  We use the power of transformation to advance each others businesses.

We would love to hear from you!  Start Here.

Corporation or Event Looking for a Speaker?

Our speaking division helps you find just the right transformational speaker for your event. With a rock solid consultation we help you define and find the best speaker for your event or training.  Contact us today.