Intuitive Channeling

Fast Forward through the Stuck and Challenges

Meditate and Channel Guidance with me! More than a "reading", Dr. Pam is a channel of information from higher source power and applies this information in a practical and real way, Coaching the retrieval of your power and success through clarity. 

Intuitive channeling is the process of connecting with higher intelligence and innate wisdom so you can learn how to follow the higher path of manifestation and abundance.  

The reason Intuitive Channeling works so well for advancing your life?  It is a direct pipeline to manifesting what you want. It is manifestation in motion.

Fast Forward Through Stuck!

Intuition is speaks directly to the part of you that’s creative and motivated.

Intuition speaks directly from purpose and destiny, and communicates to your soul. It is the direct connection to what is real.

Pam's Intuitive Channeling from Higher Realms helps you connect to your purpose and is a highly integrative session combining intuitive insights, leadership coaching, medium communication, healing, spiritual coaching, and energy transformation.  

Her sessions work on all levels of transformation to include, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Pam combines intuition and source spiritual communication to help you answer questions to some of life's toughest questions.