Intuitive Channeling for Clearing Blocks

The Leadership Path Begins Here

Intuitive Channeling combines conscious meditation, spiritual guidance, and energy medicine.  It is a hands on or hands off process working with your higher self power and nervous system to channel insight, vision, and healing. As a medium to higher communication, Dr. Pam can also tune in and tap into higher energy and vibration to empower your destiny.  This is a process of clearing the path to purpose and higher self manifestation. A practice of source connection and intuitive definition for new direction. 

Clear Negative Interference

Clear abundance blocks, health blocks, relationship negativity and self limiting beliefs. For more on this process visit the Dr. Pam Show.  The ultimate goal is to connect to higher self guidance and live a prosperous and healthy life. Clearing is a process of removing obstacles in the body and your business to create FLOW.  

Receive Guidance for Business

Dr. Pam will channel for you and your business.  Her mission is to work with messengers and consciousness raisers to build community. Whether a large corporation looking for intuitive channeling to build community or a start up messenger with a big mission Dr. Pam will help you get ULTRA clear on communicating with your community and following for sales.

Intuitive Channeling Practitioner

Learn the Intuitive Channeling practice for your intuitive or medical business and build an intuitive guidance structure for your clients.  Learn the science of energy flow in the body.  Develop techniques that immediately connect your clients to spirituality and manifestation of destiny and purpose. Develop your intuitive channel of higher communication. 

Messages from Spirit

Dr. Pam redefines medium powers to include messages from higher source power that guide healing and human evolution.  A process of connecting with higher intelligence and innate wisdom, learn how to follow the higher path of manifestation and abundance through Dr. Pam's signature talk, Messages From Spirit.  Spirit aka source and a hook up to your greatness. 

Big Clearings

Dr. Pam offers clearings for your mind body and soul. Business, home and animals included.  A powerful form of healing Dr. Pam has a medical intuitive office in NYC, by phone or travel to you and your group.