The Female Form of Leadership

Her Leadership

Where is leadership today?

People generally believe there are a few powerful leaders and all the rest

are non-leaders. They think that leadership is dominating, aggressive, and controlling. ‘Leadership’ is a powerful word, but not empowering.

Leadership is perceived as an exclusive quality or role, not an inclusive one,

and certainly not something that is within every single one of us. Why is this so negative?  

I believe through training 1000's of women in leadership that there is a missing balance, what I call the Female Form of Leadership.

You know there needs to be a change!

By looking at leadership from the inside out and from a more female and

intuitive edge, leadership consciousness can help communities transform how we prosper. 

Female Leadership is designed to deconstruct the hierarchy and make leadership – well –

accessible to everyone.  Through collaboration, connection, creativity, consciousness and community we can restore the positive influence of leadership in business.

And as you begin to gain awareness of hierarchy and patriarchy, you will also notice how it is ineffective when unbalanced. Hierarchy promotes control, fear, punishment, and conformity. Female Leadership promotes collaboration, love, self-worth, authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability. 

Women Influencers


To ignite a bigger picture of world change, a new form of Female Leadership must emerge and women like you are key to getting this job done. Hidden deep within every woman’s soul is Female Leadership that must be uncovered, excavated, and recognized to restore balance to the world. Our female form of leadership is ON the other side of our daily story and our daily struggles. It requires an absolute FLIP of our daily reality. And it takes spirit, faith and guidance because our leadership is so radically different from what we are currently experiencing in the patriarchy.

Know that each of us has a real, authentic, and important reason for being here – and to access our purpose our walls must come down.

To cultivate power, women need to take an inward journey to discover what

makes us powerful. Our success cannot be spoon-fed, told, or delivered to us

by the outside world. We must go inward and create a belief system that tunes us into our ultimate power and true potential – our innate feminine wisdom. We cannot be told to be powerful. We have to BE powerful.

And this process requires women to move beyond the old stories holding us

back and engage in our destined truth.

I am not talking about small scale change. I’m talking about huge surges

of feminine power on the planet that say to the masculine energy we