Inspiring Modern Day Success in Business

Your Modern day challenges are real

Step Into The Clarity Zone and Create New Forms of Leadership


Leadership advancements begin with an exploration of leadership transformation.  A Leadership Exploration is a facilitated leadership session, with you and your team, that helps to clarify where your leadership is today and what advances you need to make, right now

You have to be willing to take the quest in order to claim the vision. In the exploration we will help you gain insight into the changes necessary to become a progressive and highly effective modern day leadership team. Our system of facilitated dialogue training will uncover what your team needs to address over the long term of your companies expansion. 

Are you ready?

The #1 way to begin the process of opening to new forms of leadership is an exploration of the power of perception. 

What you think shapes your belief systems and patterns how you lead.  In order to make necessary changes and keep up with the evolving trends you will want to open to the clarity zone, and create a new leadership operational system.  

Dr. Pam master facilitator of transformation will work with you and your team to evolve the mind into new action. The power of this training will accelerate your paradigm shift into the new form of leadership.  Join Dr. Pam for introduction into your exploration and begin your process today. 

Why shift?

Modern Day trends in business are demanding leadership to change, grow and expand leadership.  It is the self awareness of these changes that will help your business excel through roadblocks. We call the awareness the Self-Reflective Leader.

Higher Performance requires facing your stress, removing blocks and creating higher sense of  fulfillment and accomplishment. Once you begin to face your stress, you will begin to feel more connected, authentic and real.  The advancement is power in your presence as a leader and increased effectiveness.


We work through old hard-wired programs and build new conscious patterns from  inside and out.  This is a dedicated mind-body leadership process that takes clarity, consistency, participation and programming. 

Leadership Coach Certification


Become a Powerful Coach for Leaders and Business


There is a new form of advanced leadership that must emerge, right now in order to keep up with the modern shifts in business. This form is based on heightened awareness and self reflective leadership skills. The Age of Technology has created opportunities that speed up connections and the speed places pressure on leadership to evolve and make radical shifts in clarity of leadership. As leaders we need to be clear, connected and creative--in your zone. We also need to be authentic, collaborative and intuitive. This means stepping far outside the box of what you were programmed to believe about leadership to innovate and reinvent leadership that is filled with positive power. 

Dr. Pam's World Class Coaching

Place yourself in an empowered position to build a lucrative coaching business.  The one way to stay ahead of the curve in coaching business is to create an inner confidence to succeed in new ways.  Through Pam's Transformational Coaching system you will have the mind-body tools to stay creative and connected, plus know how to lead other leaders through stress to clarity and creativity. And help leaders build purposeful business that drive profit with deeper meaning and connection. 

You are the Answer

If you are looking for a way to create a positive impact this is your path. Schedule a consultation and study with Dr. Pam in her 2019 Training beginning September 5, 2019. 

Learn Mind-Body tools for breaking through to greatness.

Success is accessed through the mind-body connection.  You will learn how to guide clients through transformational mind-body exercises that break through to new patterns of leading fearlessly. Access clarity of the mind, transform the mind and step into manifesting power.  Learn how you can guide clients through sabotage and into powerful manifestation.