Unstoppable Women & The Female Form Of leadership

Dr. Pam is an Expert in Women and Business Leadership

Women are on the rise to the top AND her leadership is being valued in business. As you reorganize your leadership to include more women you WILL go through re-organizational changes that effect performance. This means you want expert guidance on what is changing and shifting so you can manage the shift in your leadership terrain.

Businesses are choosing to address female leadership with training, conferences and speaking.   Dr. Pam is a master facilitator of the Female Form of Leadership and will help you and your business integrate leadership tools that help you integrate the female form of leadership into your masculine structure.  

Your path to clarity begins with a leadership conversation.

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Speaking to women in business, Dr. Pam shares the stage with business leaders who have moved beyond her trauma, challenges, and masculine paradigm to lead authentically for the advancement of women and men. 

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She Means Business


In She Means Business,  revolutionary CEO of Intuitive Enterprises, LLC, Dr. Pam Denton helps you connect with your feminine power so you can reach your full-potential and be UNSTOPPABLE in your career, business and life.

You will learn to:

· Embrace and embody the authentic female form of leadership.

· Bust through what is holding you back from success in the masculine paradigm of business.

· Tap into your feminine intelligence to become your most successful business leader.

The Leadership Program for Higher Performance

Executive Leadership Coaching For Modern Day Success to Overcome The Challenges


Start with me now! Explore the potential of a deep dive leadership overhaul. 

Leadership advancement begins with an exploration of leadership transformation.  A Leadership Exploration is a facilitated leadership session, with you and/or your team, helping you clarify where your leadership is today and what advances you need to make, right now.

You have to be willing to take the quest in order to claim the vision. In the Leadership Exploration we will help you gain insight into the changes necessary to become a progressive and highly effective modern day leadership team. Our system of facilitated dialogue training will uncover what your team needs to address over the long term of your companies expansion. 

Need one on one training for executive transition? 

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The #1 way to begin the process of opening to new forms of leadership is an exploration of the power of perception. 

What you think shapes your belief systems and patterns how you lead.  In order to make necessary changes and keep up with the evolving trends you will want to open to the creative zone, and clarify a new leadership operational system. 

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