Medical Intuitive

Increase Energy Flow and Allow Healing to Happen


Medical Intuitive Sessions with Dr. Pam Denton are constructed to discover your healing path and activate your body’s natural healing process with integrative support systems. 

Dr. Pam offers quality care for your healing process when you face serious life altering challenges: sickness, relationship stress, and crisis. Our main goal is to help you maintain and regain the quality of life you deserve with maximum life-force/energy. 

Gain access to the inner, intuitive guidance to continue your quest with maximum life-force. 


This is where true healing begins, right here in intuitive medicine and healing. Free yourself from what’s causing you pain to live a healthy life aligned with your purpose and power.

Because you are operating from a depleted state, the refueling and healing begins when you start to awaken to this truth by using integrative tools that guide your way back to YOU. 

How does this healing process work? Dr. Pam Denton combines channeled meditation, coaching tools, breath-work, yoga, inner body work, spiritual healing, energy work, and ancestral/genetic clearing to help restore your inner strength and return your power. 

Clear Negative Interference

Clear the stress and tension that has accumulated in your body from years of pressing forward in life and business.  Remove the interference and allow the body to heal.  Dr. Pam works intuitively and energetically with your healing process helping you access all of the healing energy necessary to reclaim your life.  Sickness and disease is targeted with integrative and non-invasive approaches to mind-body connection.  

With a careful exploration of your full history and limiting conditions, Dr. Pam is able to create an integrative plan ad walk you through your life limiting challenge to find a flow and freedom in your health again.  Her in depth knowledge of innate healing wisdom formed from years of studying alternative  healing will help you gain access to the answers to your health crisis. Dr. Pam works with deep healing at her intuitive practice in NYC, Miami, and Syracuse, NY.

Medical Intuitive Sessions

The integrative approach is developed from years of guiding deep healing and Dr. Pam’s expertise is in helping your regain strength, the natural flow of energy, healing power and quality of life change. 

Your body has the ability to heal itself, however there has been disruption and interruption of the natural flow of energy and your health has been compromised.  We want to support and guide you to empower your natural healing process and activate your inner healing capabilities.Intuitive consulting, health coaching, yoga therapy, energy treatments, deep healing guidance, breath-work, visualizations, trauma release, nutrition, homeopathy, cleansing, essential oils, meditation and more.

The Intuitive Connection

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Bring intuitive channeling into your practitioner realm.  And build a powerful intuitive business as a healer, health coach, coach, or intuitive. 

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