Pam is an Open Channel

Join Pam for heart centered clarity

Dr. Pam Denton has reinvented herself many times - and has been where you are now. She began her career as a chiropractor, as her vision moved her, she grew & shifted to see beyond the limiting structure of an ordinary life.   Pam discovered she was an intuitive guide and spiritual medium working on nervous systems and channeling clear guidance that defied everyday circumstances.   Pam coaches her clients in session to resolve life issues, let go of trauma and to transform & awaken in their own lives. Ultimately, her clients shift & transform their lives in leadership, spirituality, & motivation. Her mission is to uncover & define the feminine form of leadership to restore balance in a masculine world.    



Pam is an open channel of information and communicates with the other side a process she calls "messages from spirit." As a medical medium, her connection with the "light angels" allows your medical sessions to be directed according to your soul's purpose.  Pam channels for actors and performers and helps them get in touch with the power of performace channeling. 

Group Medium

Pam's group sessions range from private home events to medium training.  Dr. Pam believes that you can open your channel to receive messages and she uses a strategic process to open your channel through breath and meditation.  For families and people in need of "on the other side" assistance Pam will medium at private events for deceased loved ones and guidance.

Advanced Energy Training

Dive deep into the power of energy medicine and spirituality as a practitioner.  Learn what it means to channel divine source energy and apply this to your healing practice.  Apply light touch and commune with light energy to transfer positive waves of healing to the body.  Become a source power and spiritual healer for your clients.   

Spiritual Business Programs

Clarity for Your Business

You need to keep your channel open and access your true spiritual calling to do amazing things in life. You know the answers are in you they are not outside of you and you have access to answers 24/7. You could sit down right now and take a deep breath and access your amazing STAR power to change your life merely by activating your intuition and being able to “read your own life.”  Even as spiritual leaders, intuitive guides and healers we time in sacred space to be validated and confirmed in our action plan.  These sessions will help you stay in alignment, see your vision and clarify action.