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Dr. Pam Denton is a motivational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Intuitive.  Founder of the Intuitive Expo for Positive Life Change & Wake Up Your Soul Speaking Event,  Dr. Pam specializes in deep dive inner work for outer results.  She teaches people how to channel higher insight for immediate life shift. 

Dr. Pam' s Story


Very early on, Dr. Pam began her Visionary path. She wanted more than just going to school and getting a great job. Pam realized that she wanted to know what her operating manual was for the world. Who is Pam, and what does she have to contribute to the world to help other people? 

She began her speaking career as a ski instructor and quickly found out how to help motivate  change in mind-set and emotions to overcome freezing in the fear of falling or losing control.  Pam realized as a young leader and speaker that motivating and inspiring new inner beliefs with follow through caused people to flow through major obstructions to life advancement.  An achievement worth experiencing.

In undergraduate college, Pam's leadership was constantly up and down and took a radical turn as she struggled to find her true and authentic calling in life.  Threatened by  depression and unsupported in her spiritual insight and psychic capabilities, Pam was not able to fully harness the power of her message until becoming a healer.  As a healer Pam found the truth in her authentic path as an inspiration of hope for others to make it through deep challenges.   

"I wanted to discover who I was, what made me important, and what I did best. I wanted my female mission, purpose, and destiny, something that was never taught to me in school or family but was intuitively driven. I found it in deep dive soul evolution."

Pam overcame the odds by digging deep and finding truth in her own inner power. Her drill down exercises that build holding power for a positive impact in business and life are tools used by Pam to emerge as a successful speaker and creator of community. Her intuition and higher self inspiration is a conduit for creative power, and she shares with you the importance of stepping far outside the box to achieve this success.  

Dr. Pam chose to secure her Doctorate as a Chiropractor and emerged from a higher self motivation to become a facilitator of transformation in which she now shares with large audiences.   She delivers clear and effective power tools for making radical shift in leadership.  Her stories, tools and transformation motivate large audiences to Make Your Mark in the world and create positive impact for life change. 

Dr. Pam works closely with emerging keynote speakers, sharing her stage at the Expo and Dr. Pam Show. She is an agent of change for speakers and trains them to stand out, be clear and make a positive impact through authentic message and mission. Her Vision Pro Consulting helps Speakers and Actors break through to the next level of impact making their Mark on the World.

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