The Way Out of Narcissism

I have spent many years guiding people to heal from toxic relationships.

Narcissism, otherwise known as a cloudy and toxic relationship, is a huge issue in our world.  Narcissism has become the go-to word for defining negative and toxic relationships, millions of people are researching the word in search of answers to painful and many times abusive relations. The first stage of stepping forward and out of a Narcissistic relationship is AWARENESS. 

Awareness, defining your circumstances will help you feel valid in your determination to release from the toxic abuse. 

I believe that the structure of leadership as a hierarchy and fix it model has caused people, specifically women, to hand over power and give away energy in ways that cause dis-ease and discord to occur in relationship to oneself and other people. Abuse of power is at an all time high, and the abuse is being uncovered because of the willingness now to speak up for truth.

This is long story, with a fast path to recovery when we look at the issue intuitively and from the triad of energy medicine, empowerment and leadership. 

There  has to be powerful truth telling and calling out of manipulative and controlling behaviors when working on removal of narcissism from your life, love and business.  

The #1 focus, YOU are ready and willing for change.

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Join me in NYC for a NARCISSISM Talk.

Dr. Pam is available to speak to groups and companies interested in opening up the dialogue of how we can move beyond the male vs female #metoo crisis and bridge the gap to create team and abundance.  A delicate conversation  that requires expert facilitated dialogue.

Narcissism, Abuse & Trauma

Say No to Narcs


It’s time. With the awakening of truth in manipulative, abusive, traumatic relationships—it’s time to learn how to make the shift from unhealthy and empty to healthy and whole. This is where true healing begins. Be free from not what’s meant to be to begin living in your purpose.

Move on


What’s becoming more acknowledged, and thanks to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, narcissism and abusive relationships have a spotlight front and center. Which begins truth sharing among those abused—and what is revealed will be healed.  This is your time and we have the way through.

YOU are Worth it!


It takes courage to break free. And, the more you are educated, the easier it will be to make the break. You deserve to live a healthy life in your truest form. We’re here to help. Coach with Pam and her strategy will release you from the grasp of pain. 



The Narc No More List!  

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