Energy Sessions

NYC Sessions

Join Dr. Pam Denton in NYC for an uplifting and inspiring energy session or spiritual consultation/reading.  

Clear Your Path

You know you are in need of an energy clearing with Pam when you feel “off”: low, tired, digestive disturbances, overall fatigue, intense emotions, no emotions (numb), negative, unmotivated and/or chronic illness are signs that you need to clear disturbances in your energy systems. Other signs include not being able to access what you desire, distraction, lack of clarity, or a deep desire for an upgrade of energy.   

You are Being Called to Clear

Dr. Pam believes that the interference in your life needs to be removed and transmuted to a higher state of energy. A low energy can cause anxiety and fear however can be released through the removal of energetic anomalies, dark blocks, dead energy, negative energy drains, karmic dissonance, victim programming, induced powerlessness, patterned powerlessness, and inherited powerlessness.  

Pam will connect with spiritual energy and channel light and healing for you to clear away any blocks that are keeping you from living in a loving, present and functional way.  Pam’s sessions are safe, grounded and practical. You will find that her communication style is honest and delivered from the heart.