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Are you a health practitioner who wants ongoing support and guidance to evolve your practice? Pam understands and recognizes the need for ongoing support and guidance for intuitive and energy based practitioners who have a professional need to study with spirit.  

Intuitive Channeling Training

For deeper training in channeling spirit, medium healing and energy work, Dr. Pam leads a 20 hour training that facilitates advanced understanding, This course is a gateway to step into facilitating medium healing with your clients. More info click here.


Pam has developed a support system for practitioners who want to use spirit to guide clients. The support is a series of regular group sessions that provide a foundation of dialogue and coaching for the growing concerns in the  healing industry.

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Cynthia Brocolli-Powers


Cynthia is an open channel of light and love.  Her messages and energy work clear your path and help you gain direct insight into moving your life forward.  Cynthia is trained with Dr. Pam in channeling heart energy a technique called Heart Energy Release (HER).  She channels directly from the angel realm called Evangeline.

Marie Hall-Denney


Marie is a powerful source of light and love.  Her compassionate approach to channeling spirit soothes your soul and anchors your spirit for proactive action.  Marie has studied with Dr. Pam for over 4 years and is trained in Heart Energy Release, Spiritual Leadership, Channeling Spirit, Advanced Energy and Medium Practitioner.

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Nicole Windhausen


Nicole is a powerful, grounded light-worker and LMT who specializes in earth medicine readings and the practical application of the metaphysical world.  Nicole is trained by Dr. Pam in AET-Advanced Energy, Spiritual Channeling, Medium of Light and Spiritual Leadership.