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We specialize in Experts who can transform your Business and Leadership producing greater success in the midst of modern-day challenges.

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Dr. Pam Denton

Dr. Pam shares her passion for transforming business and leadership for accelerated advances in modern-day business.  She brings to the stage the transformational tools you need for facing extreme challenges in the modern-day market and will help guide you to immediately break down the walls of your business mindset in exchange for expansionary innovations that create excellence.  


Sheila Applegate

An Inspirational Speaker, Sheila combines transformative tools with manifestation meditation for release into modern day accelerated success.  Sheila will help your team and business upgrade to become Consciously Awesome.  Founder of Consciously Awesome Coaching, Sheila's speaking style asks you to step far outside the box and experience business success from all levels of consciousness. Live your most awesome form of leadership and learn how to manifest what you desire, your consciously awesome experience with Sheila will turn on positive power and motivate team performance.


Gregory Joseph

Master Healer and Transformational expert, Gregory brings to your stage, the mastery of inner genius. Gregory leads you with story and transformational tools to fully embrace personal and professional genius as the gateway to success. Claim your genius and own it, and you will master your success. Once you tap into your genius, you have found your business purpose. Gregory guides successful leaders out of unhappiness into the joy of business success.


Amy Bliss, JD, MBA


Founder of The Warrior cOre, Amy specializes in Authentic Leadership.  Amy shares from the stage new forms of leadership in business and the passion of your positive communication and authentic voice. She trains business tactics to market yourself authentically so you can connect.  Amy is a part of the Leadership Coaching Team for Excellence.

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