Inspiring Modern Day Success in Business

The Night Before the Expo! Kick Off Party May 4th 5:30-8:30pm

Join us for a smaller and more intimate gathering that will ignite your intuitive path and light your way.  We will do a deeper dive into the power of intentions for motivating change so you can get the most out of your day. 

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May 5th Speakers 9-10 am Keynote Panel

Dr. Pam Denton


Meet the Founder of The Intuitive Expo.  Uplifting and Motivating CNY and Global communities with positive vibes of positive transformation. 

Dr. Pam has been causing waves of positive shift since 2001 when she opened the doors to her 1st wellness center. Positive people and community building became her passion. Pam will be opening with inspiration and interviewing the keynote speakers.

Laura Ponticello, Publisher Speaker and Author


Laura Ponticello, will be sharing her story, insights and intuitive guidance setting the tone for an amazing day. 

Journey into the intuitive heart with Laura, she will help you open to receive guidance and validation. 

She will also be available after speaking for book signing of her newest release The Entrepreneurial Compass: A Guide to Joy, Prosperity and Life in Balance.

Tina Conroy, Intuitive Guidance


Tina Conroy founder of The Intuitive Woman Podcast, Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Guide will share with you her  guidance, insights and story.  

Tina is a wealth of intuitive knowledge and speaks to all levels of exploration and awakening.  

Tina will be leading a Yoga workshop at 11am and available for you to learn, study and grow.


Christine Conte, Coach



 Taming the Ego: Find Your Inspired Life


The ego drives our beliefs, our emotions, and our choices – in other words, every aspect of our lives. It is self-serving and gets in the way of reaching your highest potential – the spirit you were born to be.  

 Imagine being able to tame the ego. Or rid yourself of it altogether, which many people term “enlightenment”. Fear, judgment, blame, and anger would diminish. Self-confidence, joy, and creativity would escalate. The possibilities for your life could be endless. 

Join Christine and find out more.

Monique Lange, MSW



 Meditations & Ceremonies for Healing

 Monique will provide participants with an experience of a several short meditations to connect with and heal any part of themselves that need healing at the moment. Participants will also gain an understanding of the importance of Ceremonies to acknowledge events in their lives that our culture typically does not acknowledge.

 Monique brings a depth of presence and gentleness to her work with people as leader of workshops and Vision Quests.    

Her talk will be an inspiration to your transformation

Tracey & Mariesa, Consciously Awesome


12 noon

One Simple Step For a Positive Life Change

 What will your life feel like with more fun, better relationships, and less stress?  Reaching this state of happiness is easier than you think.  Join us to discover This One Simple Step to claiming your brilliance now. 

 Mariesa Dranschak and Tracey Wright are Conscious Life Coaches trained and certified under Sheila Applegate, MSW, Manifestation Life Coach.  They empower people like you to find their passion, gain confidence, and deepen relationships. 

Afternoon Speakers

Joshua Kirnie



Keeping Impulse in Check and Exploring Success with NLP and Hypnosis

It’s a human thing to feel like you’ve been handcuffed to bad habits and poor performance for too long. During our hour together, I want to make sure you give yourself the opportunity to take these simple, yet sometimes mysterious, techniques with you and apply them to your obstacles and goals from now to deep into your future.

Folks just like you and I have been attending sessions in our clinics for nearly half a century. Are you ready for your chance to change your life for good?

See some of our numerous success stories at our YouTube channel “North Country Hypnosis”

Michelle Howe, Empath



Being an Empath: Understanding The Energy Around You 

Do you struggle with mood swings, anxiety or depression?

Do friends and perfect strangers share their most personal stories with you?

Empaths intimately feel, know or sense the energies around them. This “sensitivity” can bring times of confusion, fatigues, mood swings, anxiety or worse. It’s important to learn about this unique path so you can enjoy new levels of success, emotional freedom and inner peace. Michelle is here to share deeper awareness, insights and tools with you. We conclude with a special clearing meditation.

Belinda and Kevin Porter



 Using Intuition to Help Your Relationships Thrive 

 Learn how listening to intuition and paying attention to the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) clues people give us can help your relationships thrive.

 Kevin & Belinda Porter developed their intuition and used the power of exquisite attention to revitalize their 30-year marriage. Co-owners of Heat Effect Life Coaching, Inc. they use their experience and training to help their clients develop connected, passion filled relationships that thrive.  

Workshops & Movement Room

Heather McClelland



Intro to Yoga and Mindfulness

 Join Heather to learn the basics of yoga and mindfulness. You'll learn a few basic postures, how to correctly breathe and how to start meditation. With all of this you'll naturally be a little more mindful in your day to day life! No experience is needed.  Heather loves to introduce people to the practice of yoga .

Bring a mat. We will also have some mats.

Tina Conroy



The Energy of Yoga, Angels & Crystals

Each Angel has a significant crystal they are associated with in the chakra system. We will explore through gentle yoga movement the energy of these angelic and crystal beings.  This workshop will be partly discussion and partly experiential. All participants are welcome, no prior yoga needed.

  Bring a mat.

Meg Tobin, LMHC


12 noon

Emotional  Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Circle

 This experiential circle will introduce you to the benefits and ease of tapping!  The Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, is a simple and effective way to reduce the stress response in our bodies and brings us into more balance. Bring a journal. 


Afternoon Workshops

Sonja Burns



Integrative Energy Exercises for Quick Release of Stress

If you have ever felt confused, cluttered, pulled in one hundred different directions, as if you can never get ahead of the game, this workshop will teach you how to find more focus, clarity, calm, connection and compassion through integrative movement. You will learn the awareness of stress energy, how it manifests in the physical body, the signs it’s happening and how to free from it’s grip. Movement is an easy, simple way to quickly release those stress patterns, allowing you to connect back into your day and sense of calm. Join Sonja and learn how you can practice movement as medicine in your life. These movements and concepts are quick and easy and can be done at anytime.

Jennifer Waters, Dipl.Ac, L.Ac.



How to Have a Happy Uterus

 Based on the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Jennifer will share with you how your uterus may have become displaced, what the symptoms are and how to get her back in place! We will discuss everything from Fibroids, Endometriosis, Fertility to Castor Oil Packs and Vagi-Steaming.  Jennifer Waters, Dipl.Ac, L.Ac., has been in private practice for over 20 years. A health care practitioner and educator, she’s committed to helping her clients uncover the true causes of dis-ease in the body and mind.

Happy Uterus developed out of her work with Rosita Arvigo and learning the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. Jennifer combines  this with Light Therapy and Acupuncture produce profound synergistic results.

Laurie Hope



Intuitive Yoga

 Learn to move INTUITIVELY, safely and with awareness in Yoga.
Learn to cultivate and trust your OWN process, your OWN body-mind system,
Trust your OWN innate guidance system to navigate you safely, effectively through your own PERSONAL style of movement … whether doing it for health, fitness, preventative medicine, back or neck pain, headaches, depression, stress management, or simply for the sheer pleasure of it.
Learn to tune in to your own sensations, feelings, impulses, inner rhythms and needs of the moment – IN the MOMENT! 

 Laurie Hope Collins, BA, CNP, RMT has been studying holistic wellness and energy work for over 20 years completing certifications as a practitioner and instructor in Naturopathy, Yoga, Reiki, Art Therapy Coaching, Aromatouch, Lactation counseling, and is currently a  massage therapy student.
As an Empath, Laurie adds another level of intuitive work to her practice, allowing a deeper level of understanding.