Meet Dr. Pam, Motivational Speaker & Facilitator


The Shift in Business landscape is real and the need to break habitual patterns of negativity is even more real.  When you need a positive infusion of energy, insight and transformation for your work environment Dr. Pam provides an amazing motivational and strategic talk.

She provides your team with powerful solutions for connecting at a deeper level in business to drive your success.  And helps you redefine what leadership and SUCCESS means  when applied to a meaningful work environment and positive community.

Dr. Pam is Real & Authentic.  

Pam believes that REAL positive connection drives business success. And, she gives you a working model of what positive transformation of leadership can offer your business advancement.  Her down to earth, grounded and clear approach to speaking takes you far outside the box to discover what true connection feels like.

Dr. Pam Denton, Business Consultant for Positive Transformation of Work Environments, speaks on business strategies, culture changes and connections that build success. Her speaking topics: Business RX, Points of Care, Psyche of Success, and People Technology, will help you recognize the emerging patterns impacting your business success in the Age of Technology.

You will learn how to implement tools that uplift and inspire people, connect community and celebrate confident leadership.

And leaders will integrate the powerful business practices and innovative tactics used by evolving businesses to stay in the flow of profit. 

By working with Pam, you will discover where you are now and what strategies you need to utilize so you can make changes that keep you growing your business to new levels.

What makes this experience different?

Dr. Pam provides facilitated exercises and interactive workshop dynamics to that inspire immediate positive shift in mindset and emotion.  Her ability to intuitively tap in to the group energy creates an atmosphere of immediate trust and passion. Visioning and meditation are core to her talk and you will leave feeling empowered and proactive.

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Pam Facilitates Open Conversations


The Masculine and Feminine Bridge

This is a real and tough issue AND it exists. The changing landscape of business has put stress on integration at all levels. Dr. Pam coaches tough topics that businesses have to face about the gap between men, women and the #metoo movement. If you are searching real and honest dialogue around and through this issue, it's time.  It takes courage to break free. And, the more you are educated, the easier it will be to address.  Leadership can be healthy and healed. You can prevent bullying, abuse and control in the workplace by opening this topic up for dialogue and healing. 


Challenges to leadership power are real and can be healed on the job.

This process begins truth sharing among those feeling threatened—and what is revealed will be healed.  This is your time and we have the way through and bridge the gap. If you’re experiencing at work a gap in masculine and feminine leadership it’s time for you to learn the steps to reveal and heal in order for you to operate at your 100%.


Authentic Leadership Success

This is the balance of masculine and feminine. The integration of the workplace.  The channeling of your full power and success through higher thought and higher self can set you free. And there will be a release the control and fear that happens with this structure, restoring balance to leadership.