Hire Pam to Speak

Dr. Pam is a Powerful Channel for Positive Change

Pam facilitates deep dive dialogue for your business and leadership team. She provides new insight and action to teams and large audiences for immediate awakening and change. 


Dr. Pam’s speaking and training is designed for facilitated transformation.

Power on Demand: filling up and accessing your personal tank with energy, creativity and motivation.

Power on Demand means you want change to happen now so that you can create immediate results.  You are willing to look at the negative and where you are stuck as fuel to move into change. 

Dr. Pam asks her audiences to venture way outside the box of leadership and business to accept that there are many “other” ways to lead and we have to develop new approaches in order to achieve greatness. 

How can this help you and your business?

You will learn to turn a challenging thought or situation into motivation and actually inspire new productive direction. 

Move out of a lower-thought action, fear-based decision, holding you stuck.  Channeling and creating higher thought action that is derived from KNOWING positive energy.  

Dr. Pam  will teach you and your business to consciously channel higher thoughts that will motivate radical  change within leadership.


Dr. Pam's Main Topics for Change

Women and Empowerment


Women in the workplace is Dr. Pam's power topic. Dr. Pam focuses on the Female Form of Leadership.  She teaches that we must honor and understand the female leader in every woman. And allows the space for women to connect with the true essence of HER power.  

Dr. Pam is passionate about teaching women and men to access intuition and creativity in order to influence change.  She shares in her training that we must bridge the gap in leadership by bringing female leadership styles into working balance with the masculine world.   

Bridge the Gap of Generations

Dr. Pam will help you build and facilitate programs and training that gives all generations the chance to meet and communicate on common ground.  Why?  There is a severe gap between leadership styles in generations and this can cause rifts in your business structure.  Dr. Pam's leadership training, Access Your Leadership, inspires everyone to lead from a leveled and neutral playing field,instilling immediate respect and honor for all authentic leadership styles.

No More Fear

Yes, this is the time for new forms of creative energy and emotional intelligence to be honored and supported in your workplace.  Dr. Pam will demonstrate and teach you how to lead from the heart of passion and purpose, rather than control and domination.  This topic is a deep dive into reconstructing leadership so that all people can lead despite title, gender, age, credentials or position. Ditch Fear Based Leadership. Shift old guard hierarchy of domination, control and fear (the kind of leadership that gets you in trouble) into heart centered leadership. 

Full Empowered Leadership

Narcissism and the Abuse of Power

This is a real issue.  And needs to be addressed immediately. If you are searching real and honest dialogue around and through this issue, it's time.  It takes courage to break free. And, the more you are educated, the easier it will be to address.

Abuse of power is real and can be healed

This process begins truth sharing among those abused—and what is revealed will be healed.  This is your time and we have the way through. Women, men and children will benefit from the conversation of authentic leadership. 

Full Embodied Authentic Leadership Success

This is the balance of masculine and feminine. The healing of patriarchy.  The channeling of your full power and success through higher thought and higher self can set you free.