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Pam is a Powerful Channel for Positive Life Change


Pam uses the speaking strategy,  Power on Demand.  

Pam’s speaking and training is designed for Power on Demand (PODs): filling up and accessing your personal tank with energy, creativity, motivation, and transition. Power on Demand means you want change to happen now so that you can create what you want in your life. Pam asks her audiences to venture way outside the box of leadership and business to accept that there are many “other” ways to lead and we have to develop new approaches in order to achieve greatness. She uses spiritual tools and guidance to motivate new action. Pam believes the spirit of leadership can promote sustainable change.

Positive Motivation that Comes from the Soul

Pam's facilitated speaking can move your group or organization into the Clarity Zone.  A space where action can happen.  Book Pam Today!