Meet Dr. Pam, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach & Healer

What makes people GREAT?  What makes a person want to achieve GREATNESS? 

I believe there is an inner drive of motivation that can be uncovered and empowered through positive leadership.

We are born with a higher drive, all we have to do is access this drive. And put our inner power to work.

Dr. Pam speaks to audiences about  restructuring our thoughts and actions about leadership--to create the leadership of the future. By talking about empowered topics you can bring conscious upgrades to your business. When your company is known to make an impact and influence lives in positive ways, especially for world change, you draw a stronger customer loyalty and dedication to your service and product. Your workforce becomes more loyal and dedicated to the job.  And there is less negative interference on the job.  

Dr. Pam leads  you to take an inward journey to discover what

makes real authentic power. Her guiding premise: Our success cannot be spoon-fed, told, or delivered to us by the outside world. We must go inward and create a belief system that tunes us into our ultimate power and true potential – our innate success wisdom.

Dr. Pam provides facilitated exercises and interactive workshop dynamics to her talks that inspire immediate positive shift in mindset and emotion.  Her ability to intuitively tap in to the group energy creates an atmosphere of immediate trust and passion.

Pam Facilitates Conversations on Abuse of Power

The Abuse of Power

This is a real and tough issue AND it exists.  Dr. Pam coaches tough topics that women and businesses have to face. If you are searching real and honest dialogue around and through this issue, it's time.  It takes courage to break free. And, the more you are educated, the easier it will be to address.  Leadership can be healthy and healed. You can prevent bullying, abuse and control in the workplace by opening this topic up for dialogue and healing. Dr. Pam helps you gain awareness in hiring as well as deal direct with employees who have narc tendencies. Training available for HR on how to identify narcissism.

Abuse of power is real and can be healed

This process begins truth sharing among those abused—and what is revealed will be healed.  This is your time and we have the way through. Women, men and children will benefit from the conversation of authentic leadership.  If you’re experiencing at work a toxic, abusive boss or

colleagues, it’s time for you to learn the steps to reveal and heal in order for you to operate at your 100%.

Authentic Leadership Success

This is the balance of masculine and feminine. The healing of patriarchy.  The channeling of your full power and success through higher thought and higher self can set you free. And there will be a release the control and fear that happens with this structure, restoring balance to leadership. 

Dr. Pam's Main Topics for Change

Balance of the Sexes

Stop the battle of the sexes and create balance between masculine and feminine leadership styles.  The bridge is intuition and authentic expression. 

Women and Men in the workplace, Dr. Pam's power topic. Both men and women can learn to tune in and tap into authentic expression on the job in a way that inspires leveling the playing field and the integration of masculine and feminine that creates balance.  And where there is balance your business can thrive.  

Dr. Pam is passionate about teaching women and men to access intuition and creativity in order to influence change.  She shares in her training that we must bridge the gap in leadership by bringing female leadership styles into working balance with patriarchy.  This means eliminating and shifting toxic patterns of fear, domination and control and activating authentic support structures for change.     


Dr. Pam will help you build and facilitate programs and training that gives all generations the chance to meet and communicate on common ground.  Why?  There is a severe gap between leadership styles in generations and this can cause rifts in your business structure.  Dr. Pam's leadership training, Access Your Leadership, inspires everyone to lead from a leveled and neutral playing field,instilling immediate respect and honor for all authentic leadership styles.  You will learn to listen  and really hear what is going on. 

Positive Support

Yes, this is the time for new forms of creative energy and emotional intelligence to be honored and supported in your workplace.  Dr. Pam will demonstrate and teach you how to lead from the heart of passion and purpose, rather than control and domination.  This topic is a deep dive into reconstructing leadership so that all people can lead despite title, gender, age, credentials or position. Ditch Fear Based Leadership. Shift old guard hierarchy of domination, control and fear (the kind of leadership that gets you in trouble) into heart centered leadership.