The Download Session with Spirit

Feeling like you want a powerful download of information to clarity your path? Pam channels information that brings momentum and change for leadership: health, business, finances, crossing over, relationships and sickness. 

What is the Download?

A higher thought download is KNOWING the universe has your back.  And is information that you have a higher potential and there is information to follow this path.  Your higher self has your interest at heart. 

It’s framing thought patterns in a way that move us forward - because we believe in ourselves.

Turning the energy surge that comes with the higher thought pushes us through our stuck into higher action. 

This comes from a more positive energy of knowing who we are and why we’re here. It’s taking action on a mission-based presence. 


Free Channeling Call

Dr. Pam is an open channel of information and communicates with the other side a process she calls "messages from spirit." As a connection with higher thought and universal energy, Pam guides you to be directed according to your soul's purpose/destiny.  Join Dr. Pam live every other week.