Intuitive Channeling Practitioner

Study the Science of Intuitive Channeling and Energy

A training for healers, doctors, coaches, yogis and intuitive guides, who want a deeper understanding of the intuitive pathway for health and healing. We study the science and application of deep relaxation, meditative journeys, awareness and awakening of health.

A 2 Day Full Training

Join Dr. Pam Denton in NYC for a full 2 day deep dive into intuitive channeling and receive the benefits of science, guided meditation, breath-work and community. Dr. Pam teaches hands on and off how to affect change in human body, through consciousness upgrades and mind-body connection. A full experience of innate intelligence and cellular healing. Follow up the weekend, 5 months of support with monthly calls.

Two Signature Trainings

You will receive TWO trainings all in one.  Energy Medicine and Intuitive Channeling.  Both focus on the flow of universal energy through the body and create a mind- body awareness, a connection that facilitates the natural healing process.  In addition, you will gain awareness of alternative emotional healing, spiritual coaching and intuitive higher guidance. Study breath waves and the basics of science as applied to the human body and its awakening to healing. 

You are the Channel

At the training you will learn how to run energy, tune into universal power, return to innate intelligence and connect as a practitioner.  Why take this training?  Activate the Inner Healer to receive amazing results.  Learn how to become a safe and protected channel of light for your clients. Use intuition in your practice, fine tune your intuitive knowing, lead healing meditations for clients, run energy and attune yourself to higher vibrations, become more aware and present, and learn the stages of health empowerment. Whether you are interested in the science, want to upgrade your own presence or need transformational tools this training is an integrative approach to deeper healing and faster results. You will learn to build an empowerment practice.

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Saturday: 9am-4pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Payment: $1995 paid in full

Payment plan: $2500= $500 down with 4 additional payments of $500- paid in full by Nov 1, 2018