Intuition As Medicine

Study the Science of Intuitive Channeling and Energy

A training for healers, doctors, coaches, yogis and intuitive guides, who want a deeper understanding of the intuitive pathway for health and healing. We study the science and application of deep relaxation, meditative journeys, awareness and awakening of health.

A 1 Day Training

Join Dr. Pam Denton in NYC for a deep dive in to intuitive channeling and receive the benefits of science, guided meditation, breath-work and community. Dr. Pam teaches hands on and off how to affect change in human body, through consciousness upgrades and mind-body connection. A full experience of innate intelligence and cellular healing. 

The Training

Training is designed to increase your awareness of the innate healing wisdom for immediate life change, a process Pam calls fast forwarding through stuck.

Intuition as Medicine is a way for you to learn how to heighten awareness through intuition by listening to the natural messages that the body sends and following the intuitive guidance and energy.