Release and Resolve Emotional Trauma

Releasing and healing deep stress and trauma


Dr. Pam has been practicing energy work and deep emotional resolution of trauma imprints and sickness for over 16 years.  Her facilitated intuitive coaching combined with energy work, emotional release, somatic breath work and meditation creates the path to success.

This is manifestation in motion and begins with what you want to shift.

Are you struggling with a block that you just can not seem to move?  Are you stuck and unable to get to the next level of success? Are you frozen from a past trauma and need a safe space to move through?

By running energy and channeling with Dr. Pam, combined with medical intuition and nervous system block release, you will move to the other side of your issue. Healing is possible once the deeply rooted issues have been resolved.

You can reconnect with your true source power.

Your healing matters

Our brain creates patterns that deny our healing.  The protective structure of your brain keeps you from moving through a stuck area.

In order to resolve severe stuck health issues and abundance blocks you have to run energy through the body, mind and soul emotions to gain access to new patterns of flow. 

The power of possibility lives on the other side of the stuck energy.