The Mission

Dr. Pam believes that women must collaborate and build each other up.  We have to learn to rise to the top with our feminine wisdom, integrate with the masculine world and step into feminine flow of abundance. HER Coaching is about female leadership power, business & collaboration. Pam trains large groups and will come to your business to train groups of women in the female form of leadership, embodying change. 

HER Coaching

As you engage in HER Leadership Coaching, you will learn how to break through the barriers of lack mentality and step into confident, brave, motivated power.  Rise to the Top of your success by access your leadership power.  Join Pam for HER Leadership Monthly Training Topics that advance your success in life and business.

HER Coach Certification 2018

You know you are the change maker for women and men.  You want to guide and coach women to be Amazing! This is a training that inspires women for women. A training where you feel valued and supported in ways that increase your power.  Join us for the full program in Sept 2018 online.  A 9 month deep dive into HER coaching strategies. 

Heart Energy Release

Dr. Pam is the founder of Heart Energy Release a technique for clearing past trauma and imprints in the female body to evolve consciousness. Pam believes in the power of entering the heart center to change lives and has built leadership, circle, coaching and healing for women to advance their lives.  HER is a powerful way to heal the body and advance your life by breaking through genetic stress to get to the real you.