Leadership Training for Women

The Mission

Dr. Pam believes that women must collaborate and build each other up.  We have to learn to “run with the big dogs.” And feel our machismo in our own female form of power. Pam knows that in order for the world to change, it must happen through women rising up and taking a stand to lead just as men have done.  And we must achieve success. Rise to the Top is not about equal rights. It is about power, deal making, collaboration and teamwork. This program is about successful leadership as women in business. We must learn to achieve success with our feminine powers of intuition, creativity and community collaboration.   

A Group Where You Belong

This is group for you to feel included, loved, supported and valued in your greatness. We believe that every woman has a leader inside just waiting to emerge and shine her light to the world.  You will have access to online connection and secret group, a workbook for facilitating greatness, and a network call once a month to put into practice what you want to achieve.

Join Us

Join a group where you feel valued and supported in ways that increase your power! A training, empowerment, network and community all rolled into one.