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For years, I would ask myself "what happens when a woman leads in a man's world?" By asking this question and working deeply with female leaders I realized, women have to face immense challenges to make it to the top.  Our female challenges can even present as huge obstacles to our success, yet somehow many women have learned how to make it big in patriarchy.  While others still feel blocked, stuck, and riddled by fear.  So what is the magic ingredient?  I believe that YOU, the woman who has mastered leadership in a man's world, are the master plan for our success. And that when mission driven women, with a clear and powerful message monetized for success and wealth, unite to create change --we can create massive shift and world change.

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You have SUPER POWER.  We are a  Women's collaborative, network and master-heart, for empowering women in  business. Each month we meet to help boost the action plan for your business and support your female empowerment process, building confidence in your purpose.  The unique and powerful aspect of this network is ACTION.  We use DRILLS to get your project monetized and out to the world.  Each meeting you can expect to accomplish action towards your goals, because we will practice and participate with each other.  Join Dr. Pam master facilitator and move your business to the next level with confidence drills, visibility drills, bravery drills, accountability drills and positive feedback drills.  Want to speak? Take the stage and practice your pitch or signature talk.  Want to write a book? Receive feedback on your message.  Want to change the world?  Receive clarity on your mission and branding. Want more money?  Learn how to break through the walls holding your back.

Become a Warrior in Business

Women Creating Change


Welcome to Project Woman! This is a female form, business success collaboration and mastermind designed for getting your creative business project out into the world and MONETIZED! Our goal is to provide you with accountability, support and insight developing your feminine power project. We want you to succeed and make money. You can be at any point in business evolution.

You have a SUPER POWER to give to the world and we will help you receive!

Our community is about building women up to achieve play big success. We want you to believe in your powerful idea and contribution to the world.  We believe in structure and strategy driven by action to achieve success.  This is what we will provide.  

At every meeting your will have a chance to do DRILLS of confidence. We do not mean sprinting, although sometimes this is necessary!  Drills mean digging deep into your soul purpose to excavate power and confidence. Speaking and communicating  your strength. 

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Join us JULY 20. 2018 6:00pm 

Citizen M Hotel Times Square

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Do you feel like you want to have tools and strategies that help women rise to the top of HER life mind, body, spirit and finances? HER Coach training is a 9 month study for women who want to lead other women to empowered business, life and health.   Begins September 2018.

The Training Purpose


This training is designed to get women out of the head and into the heart of the female form of leadership. It is for empowered women who want to receive clear guidance for your leadership and business development as a coach. 

A Law of Attraction Program to take action on your mission and message and coach other women to HER Power, a place where we will drill down into your soul purpose and remove obstacles, so you can influence change through coaching. 

You know you are right for this moment because you have a deep core feeling that you have a mission  leading women and you want to use the female power tools of intuition, emotional healing and community.  You are a influencer who wants tools and strategies to lead women.  

To cultivate ongoing power, women must take an inward journey to discover what makes us power filled and release what blocks our power.  Our success cannot be spoon-fed, told, or delivered to us by the outside world. We must go inward and create a belief system that tunes us into our ultimate abundant power and true potential – our innate feminine wisdom.  The HER Coach will show you how to safely lead women to heal and prosper in HER Life with your own specific and authentic spin.

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