Messages from Spirit to Motivate Change

  • Women are the Answer

    We are the creators and collaborators. 

    We have an intuitive drive that is power.

    Our leadership is the key that opens the door to prosperity and flow. 

    When we move beyond stuck and sabotage we can take on anything!

    HER Coach Certification

    You are the Guidance for Women and Power!


    You have a purpose and it is to guide women to power. To Advance and dive deeper into leadership the 9 month Her Coach Certification leadership coaching program begins Thursday September 13, 2018, Dr. Pam Denton will help you develop your coaching skills by identifying where women (/you!) feel stuck, then how to guide them (/you) into feeling more clear and ready for authentic action. 

    On The Other Side

    Messages From Spirit For Women

    Discover what holds women back from success and how you can move through stuck and sabotage.  Pam dives into the intuitive power of women to connect and lead with confidence. 

    The Way Out of Narcissism, Abuse & Trauma

    Say No to Narcs


    It’s time. With the awakening of truth in manipulative, abusive, traumatic relationships—it’s time to learn how to make the shift from unhealthy and empty to healthy and whole. This is where true healing begins. Be free from not what’s meant to be to begin living in your purpose.

    Move on


    What’s becoming more acknowledged, and thanks to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, narcissism and abusive relationships have a spotlight front and center. Which begins truth sharing among those abused—and what is revealed will be healed.  This is your time and we have the way through.

    YOU are Worth it!


    It takes courage to break free. And, the more you are educated, the easier it will be to make the break. You deserve to live a healthy life in your truest form. We’re here to help. Coach with Pam and her strategy will release you from the grasp of pain. 


    The Way Out of Narcissism

    We run regular calls for educating and validating your process of realizing and releasing toxic relationships . 

    Her Coach Certification